surplus sapi plates. There's one piece missing though; the plates. The Hesco 4400 is a midweight (7. 5mm NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Steel Plate Safe Gear Armor Military Stand Alone Pane. PRICES HAVE GONE UP ON NEW INVENTORY BUT WE HAVE A SURPLUS OF 26605-19 LARGE FROM PREVIOUS ORDERS. The USMC Plate Carrier is the new U. If you haven't found the plates yet I have 2 plates and the throat protector for the molle vest IBAS. [ Weight ] 11x14 Single Plate weight is 9. The Level III+ Extreme PE body armor plates constitute a standalone armor with multiple-hit capability. Interceptor Body Armor Weight and Dimensions. Big Body Armor Shipment In, Ceramic & Kevlar Plates Starting at $35. Marine Corps plate carrier vest system. Is this the best Ballistic Plate on the market? Yes, and it is available at the best price. Much of the Interceptor [Body] Armor on the market is stolen property. Size 1 is S/M, and is suitable for SAPI panels (30 x 25 cm). The plate carrier comes with two cummerbunds and offers different sizes from small to x-large. These are level 4 plates rated up to 7. Eliminates bulky medical pouches that take up space on your kit. Sized to fit behind ballistic plates, the Son's kits are packed for quick deployment and designed around injury patterns in order of priority for trauma treatment. Search: Military Surplus Armor Plates. 4 pounds including the SAPI insert plates. The IOTV is compatible with the Deltoid and Auxillary Protector (DAP) components, E-SAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert), Enhanced Side Ballistic Inserts (ESBI), as well as the. Almost all internal parts are lined with airmesh to promote breathability. The Improved Outer Tactical Vest, or IOTV, is an enhanced version of, and a replacement for, the older Outer Tactical Vest as fielded by the United States Army. They are not found too often within civilian markets but are the standard within the US Military. However, both will only attain that protection level when used in cojuction with (ICW) a soft armor vest or soft armor backers behind the plates. Surplus Carrier Sales SAPI Cut Multi-curve 1. The SDS/BAE Systems Releasable Body Armor Vest (RBAV) is hands down the best armor carrier you can buy for the money; especially when purchased from eBay seller, Defense Acquisitions. First there are some heavy duty ceramic plates, much like the US issue SAPI plates. Blog - List - Military Surplus offers the widest selection of This way the rig accepts up to two XL SAPI, ESAPI or XSAPI plates. 4 pounds and each of the two inserts weighs 4 pounds. The most massive plate is approximately five and a half pounds, while the smallest plates are more or less three pounds. It is 11 7/8 inches tall, 10 inches across, and 0. The Interceptor system weighs 16. Only hard plate armor can prevent penetration from rifle rounds and all of our plates are made using TOP QUALITY, lightweight, high strength armor materials. Two Outer Large Pockets on Rear of Pack with. Current issue British Osprey body armor cover with MTP camo pattern. Back plate pocket: 12 inches x 11 1/8 inches x 1 inchi. Condor Gunner Plate Carrier (107) $109. Templars Gear Light Plate Carrier. Surplus ISAPO Ranger Plate Carrier with Plates, Like New available at a great price in our Military Field Gear collection. UL 752 Level 3 Specifications: Application Most commonly used protection against hand guns of super power, such as the. The Core is a ruggedly-designed, affordable plate carrier built for law enforcement or range / training use. The Padded Suspension System is Compatible with Body Armor, Including the Rear SAPI Plate. The plate carrier can handle the standard 10” x 12” plates and most large SAPI plates. Condor Modular Operator Place Carrier (MOPC) - Gen II - Mulitple Colors. While there are legitimate commercial “SAPI/ESAPI” plates, these are not marked US. A lot of those same guys have never heard of "plate backers", nor had any knowledge that there are plates that need soft armor behind them. 62mm rounds, a common round US . The CATI Armor AR600 armor Ultra High Harness (UHH) exceeds level 3 standards and is special threat tested to the 5. VestGuard UK Body Armour Vest Hard Armour Plate Ballistic Helmet Military Police Law Enforcement Humanitarian Maritime Security Press Media Personal . NIJ Certified / Rifle-Rated composite armor plates / Level IIIA Flexible Soft Armor / SAPI Plates and. Level III Sapi plates no damaged or cracks, size large. ESAPI plate NIJ level 4 (IV) in sizes 8. Shoulder straps adjust for a one-size-fits-most feel. From super slick concealable to a rig that will carry you full loadout, we have you covered. Some fitting features include adjustable straps, padded shoulders, a cummerbund and quick release. Welcome to AR500 Armor® of the Armored Republic. Check Ebay - that's a good source for them. The minimalist plate carrier features two hook and loop closures over each shoulder strap for hydration hose integration. Armor Express C-SHOCK Plate ^ $367. Level III will stop most of all 5. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. RHP19P7 A certified lightweight armoring plate according to VPAM (BSW) 2006 - VPAM 6 Standalone and is manufactured using a uniquely manufactured HPPE composite material in sizes SAPI M, SAPI L and Standard. 55K views 5 years ago · Ratnik Infantry loadout - Russian grunts reach . Conventional body armors are bulky. >Expensive (If you go new/ non surplus) . Are military issue E-SAPI plates in-conjunction or stand alone? A lot of guys are getting plate carriers for dismounted ops in Afghanistan. 365+ Buri Armor Chest Rig Carrier. Military as a means of classifying body armor designed to fit standard issue plate carriers. NIJ 06 Certified Level IV SAPI Plates (26605) Regular price $659. Fits Medium Or Large Swimmer/SAPI/ESAPI Plates Up To 10" X 13" SURPLUS D'ARMÉE GÉNÉRAL. FirstSpear Strandhögg Plate Carrier, SAPI. Bulletproof Vests, Plates, Helmets & Armor to. East German NVA Private First Class Shoulder Boards. Adjustable and detachable cummerbund panels with pockets for 6" x 7" side plates. Over 20 Rows Of Laser-Cut MOLLE Slots Skeletonized Cummerbund With A Hook-And-Loop Closure Panel And Three Rows Of MOLLE Slots Reduces Overall Vest Weight, Contributes To Ventilation, And Enables Easy Size Adjustments Tactical Vest Will Fit Medium Or Large Swimmer/SAPI/ESAPI Plates Up To 10. Other functional accessories include ballistic plates and. over the past few years and brands like Crye Precision have met that demand with some amazing plate carriers. Product Description When looking for a no-nonsense plate carrier, look no further than the MOLLE Plate Carrier. Military began phasing out SAPI body armor in favor of the ESAPI plate, or "Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert". SA4S Level IV+ Silicon Carbide SAPI. These are made of the same kind of Kevlar material as most soft body armor like police wear, but it has been formed into a hard panel by layering it. High Performance - Multi-Hit capability. Size medium measuring 9 1/4" x 12 1/4" x 7/8" thick and weighing 5 1/2 pounds each. This army plate carrier vest is perfect for soldiers, public safety, and MilSim players. A few items that are almost always stolen nightvision, weapons, body armor, and newer radio gear. 9% customer satisfaction guarantee. I make no claims to the ballistic protection of these vests, they are used military Surplus Items. We strive to have all your surplus and survival gear needs On this page, you will find all of our retail store items and some of our more high-end items. SAPI - US gov't rating, 3 rounds of ball, 3 rounds of AP, exact test conditions are not available to the public. When you're in law enforcement or are just looking to have a bit more security in tougher environments, Small Arms Protective Inserts, or SAPI plates, are a great way to look after yourself. Nexus Level IV Side Plate Monolithic Ceramic 1 Piece with Kevlar Backing 6x8. A dummy ballistic plate from FMA. This plate is the same size as the Medium SAPI and ESAPI plates and is the same weight as the ESAPI plate. Attaches to the TT Plate Carrier Side Panel Set (item 7735). It was first used in the Interceptor Body Armor, . See more ideas about chest rig, war belt, plate carrier. Emergency drag handle on the rear is strong and secure. I think above lvl3 are not to be sold. 62mm APM2 Protection Ballistic Insert Body Armor Strike Face Plates. Lightweight panel carrier with laser cut MOLLE system. The ceramic/composite design provides AP protection and a multi-shot rating on selected threats. The Eagle Industries Multi-Mission Tactical Vest (MMAC) is a traditional profile vest offering modularity and scalability. You will be comfortable and secure utilizing this plate. Armor: Level III Kevlar; Level IV ESAPI plates. html google-site-verification: google8a6ee2850a31a319. This system achieves this goal by first conveying the material to the processing chamber of the shredder. What are SAPI plates? Basics of the SAPI Plates. Made of 1000D Cordura heavy duty fabric. 6x5 laser-cut MOLLE on front plate and 6x6 on rear plate. You can find AR500 steel plates very cheap, I've found 8×8 Level III+ SAPI plates for thirty dollars off and on. -These are my first Hesco plates and very. The Kevlar Interceptor vest itself is designed to stop projectiles up to and. S&J Hardware AR500 LIV 10x12" Rifle Plate Set. Mil-spec calls for the plate to stop one round of. These plates are 100% Canadian made AR500 PLATE, heat treated formed, HTSR, and coated with BASIC anti-spall treatment. The PTS SAPI Dummy Plates is an ideal alternative to your heavier and harder standard dummy plate. AR500 Armor® 10" x 12" Curved Advanced Shooters Cut Level III Body Armor - Patent Pending. Only problem you might have is the SAPI plates. A tactical vest is engineered to prevent bullets and fragmentation from penetrating the vital areas of your body. If you're trying to keep it quiet, look on CL for SAPI/ESAPI plates and go to a surplus store or also CL and buy an empty IBA. Sapi Plates If you haven't found the plates yet I have 2 plates and the throat protector for the molle vest IBAS. SAPI plates meant for body armor come in front and back plates which are identical, and smaller side plates. Product Description The Laser-Cut Plate Carrier is a feature-rich rig for your personal protection needs. East German NVA Senior Officer Shoulder Boards. With a breathable mesh design, the cummerbund allows for maximum ventilation for your comfort. Aussie Peelback Kangaroo Plate Carrier $249. IDOGEAR Tactical Plate EVA Foam SAPI Plate for Tactical Vest Inner Liner Foam SAPI Shock Plate Medium Size 2 PCS. Gentlemen, Here is my IOTV vest with soft inserts that I had gotten for REALLY great price. There’s one piece missing though; the plates. « on: May 04, 2011, 04:28:15 pm ». At Glenn’s Army Surplus, we sell surplus army gear directly from the US government, soldiers, and auctions in new or excellent condition. Total of 4) my two extra I mounted on a pack for maps and laminated documents. Detachable Hook And Loop Cummerbund And Quick Release Buckle Straps Are Fully Adjustable To Help You Find The Perfect Fit. Rothco’s Lightweight Tactical Vest has stripped away the bulk of a typical tactical vest for an ultra-lightweight fit. Size 2 is L/XL, and is suitable for SAPI panels measuring 30 x 25 cm to 34 x 33 cm. Actual military SAPI plates are not sold directly to the public, but manufacturers sell plates in "SAPI cut. But for items like tents, clothes, boots, hoses, back pack's ect, it is not required. 3810 - LEVEL III+ - Ballistic Insert - Medium - SAPI Cut. The armor complements Tactical Scorpion Gear's wide range of plate carrier vests and can be fashioned into multiple shapes and curves. A pair of Size Large ceramic. Business & Industrial; Cameras & Photo; Cell Phones & Accessories Side Sapi AP Plates ESBI. For plates thicker than 1" thick, simply size up to the larger plate bag. 6 lbs), multi-curve, SAPI-cut, Stand Alone Level IV Special Threat tested plate that balances lower cost with proven and certified performance. It is now also used in the Improved Outer Tactical Vest as well as the Modular Tactical Vest, in addition to commercially available "plate carriers". It is constructed out of laser-cut laminate nylon that is abrasion, chemical, and water resistant. Nexus Level IV Side Plate Monolithic Ceramic 1 Piece with. We are a small Family-Owned business committed to providing reliable nylon tactical gear and body armor. Our Level IV Ceramic Hard Armor has a shelf life of 5 years. MOLLE compatible webbing covers most of vest. > Will require 9mm 126gr IOTV Spec soft armor at a minimum to make it level IV. SAPI style plate cuts are a system of five different plates used in various locations. It even came with back and front SAPI plates but I placed them in my IBA/OTV vest. SecPro NIJ 06' Level IIIA Soft Armor Plate Carrier Inserts 10x13 - front & back. >Slightly fragile, cannot drop them or throw them around like AR500, therefore they may need to be replaced after months of *Hard use* (Belly flopping on rocks regularly, but unless you're deployed, you don't get that problem). Lightweight panel carrier with detachable front panel in two different sizes. 1 pounds (with ballistic upgrades). Find the best plate carriers by Crye Precision, 5. Large loop panels on front and back for ID/unit patches. The Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) is designed to permit maximum freedom of movement required for. The Expert Plate Carrier Vest is made from rugged nylon, and accommodates a standard SAPI plate or soft ballistic panels in both the front and back pocket—as well armor panels in the side pockets. Used Point Blank Surplus Desert Body Armor good condition size large, Used for training only. I do not have the groin protector. military issue, made in USA; NSN: 8470-01-478-1027; Adjustable at shoulder and belly for custom fit. I first would like to thank OFF BASE Supply for an amazing shipment. Designed to be worn underneath garments with zero printing. Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2. Rugged and lightweight, this midnight navy plate carrier vest is MOLLE compatible and designed to offer ballistic protection via four plate armor pockets. This base AR500 plate is a custom blend to our spec to get the correct heat treatment and temper. We managed to secure a small quantity of these unissued carrier sets that were destined to be used in the UK's next desert conflict but were instead sold as surplus stock. They need to provide a lot of protection against heavy fire. For the most part, standard SAPI plates are designed and manufactured using boron carbide or silicon carbide ceramic plates. Shooter: These plates are similar to the SAPI, but the corners are cut more aggressively down. Toughest armor there is, used for stopping everything the enemy can throw at you Advanced Silicone Carbide ceramic composite with UHMWPE can stop literally every rifle caliber 7. About Surplus Sapi Plates Set of front and back realistic size plates. Suitable for most vests which can accept a SAPI plate in the above dimensions. This armor plate is special tested to the NIJ 0108. Water repellant polyurethane-coated 1000 Denier CORDURA® fabric finish. Navy Blue MOLLE Tactical Plate Carrier Vest Features: Internal plate pockets on the front, back and sides (located on cummerbund) designed to fit soft or hard plate armor for ballistic protection. These lightweight and high performance plates are ideal for tactical teams and speed operations. Internal sleeves for soft armor and plate front and back. At Tactical Scorpion Gear, we have often heard our clients say that they face a lot of problems with their body armors, mainly due to the heavyweight nature. Cati ar600 body armor 8x10 sapi cqb multi-curve,. body armour, bulletproof vest, safety vest, stab proof vest. FIRSTSPEAR FirstSpear, StrandHogg SAPI Cut Plate Carrier. 44 MAG SJHP, As Well As Special Threat Rated To Stop. These are ballistic-grade and can easily deflect or stop small arms fire. MILITAIRE /BOTTE /TACTIQUE /PAINTBALL /AIRSOFT /PLEIN-AIR. The protection is surplus because it is made up of durable denier 500 nylon material. Level 3 Body Armor Plates for Sale. The plate carrier can handle the standard 10" x 12" plates and most large SAPI plates. SAPI stands for Small Arms Protective Insert. are 2 buzunare interioare pentru statie emisie receptie. There are legitimate commercial "SAPI/ESAPI" plates, these are not marked US. Laos enjoyed a trade surplus in controlled goods through Vietnam in the first six months of 2021 despite the transport difficulties caused by Covid-19 prevention measures. Used, so these are cheaper and actually look better thanks to slight roughness. Extremely Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest Weighs Just Over A Pound Skeletonized MOLLE Cummerbund System Is Designed To Reduce Weight And Provide Optimal Cooling Airflow Integrated MOLLE System On The Front & Back Of The Vest: Three Rows On The Front, One Row Beneath The Cummerbund Panel, And Six Rows On The Back. Level/Type III Body Armor The Level III conditioned armor is tested against a 7. Using a streamlined fit throughout, along with state of the art materials and production technology, the 6/12™ SAPI Cut Plate Carrier is easily tailored for comfort, ventilation and fit. 62mm, Ect; Ballistic Material: Polyethylene & Ceramic Sizes/Weights: 9. Nexus Level III+ Dyneema Side Plate 6x6". Rothco MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest. 11 Tactical, Agilite Gear and many others. The military requires stringent testing and quality contro. Price is per single plate, bundle to save. Allows to use SAPI, ESAPI or Granit plates front and back plates, side plates and soft armor (not included). FEATURES: Multi-Curve, SAPI Cut (Same as ESAPI) Advanced Spectra® materials; Comfort design for longer wear. 11 Tactical Tactec Plate Carrier $279. CATI AR600 Body Armor 8x10 SAPI CQB Multi-Curve, C. Fits Medium Or Large Swimmer/SAPI/ESAPI Plates Up To 10″ X 13”. Operator Plate Carrier Coyote Brown. Breakdown of prices: Used PASGT helmet: $50. Model CR-3600 - Level III Rifle Plate $ 0. We supply tactical solutions for those who want to protect the things you love: your family, your neighbors, your country, and yourself. The plate measures 11 7/8 inches tall, 10 inches across, and 0. Find Ballistic Plates at unbeatable prices at Army Surplus World. Choose an option Small Medium Large X-Large. While many regular citizens shop at our store, our main demographic are members of the military looking to buy gear for active duty. AR500 Armor Veritas Modular Plate Carrier $131. RTS Tactical Level IV Ceramic Hard Armor Plates are available in 11x14" 10x12" or 6x8" side plates. A pair of Size Large ceramic ESAPI body armor plates. James, Military surplus Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) is starting to show up on eBay from Iraq war veterans who had to purchase the military spec armor themselves before the military was able to issue the armor to every soldier. Military issued SAPI body armor plates are made from composite of ceramic materials (namely silicon carbide) and were designed to stop 7. SAPI – US gov’t rating, 3 rounds of ball, 3 rounds of AP ICW, exact test conditions are not available to the public. Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Level III Armor Kit with AR1000 Steel Plates. The Shellback Tactical Rampage 2. It comes with great space, it can hold up to 10×12 shooter and SAPI cut plates. While there are legitimate commercial "SAPI/ESAPI" plates, these are not marked US. You can find styles that accept ceramic plates as well as soft armor. SAPI Plates: Bulletproof Plating That Can Be Worn Under Your Clothes. The vest consists of two panels, front and rear, which are joined and adjusted with velcro fasteners on the shoulders. But the equipment also needs to match the level of threat you're likely to face. What is the protection level of this plate when used alone? This plate provides NIJ level III protection when used alone, such as in a plate carrier. Check Ebay – that’s a good source for them. About Plates Surplus Sapi This is a SAPI Body Plate inspired by a new Shooter game (you all know). Two SAPI Plates: NIJ Certified Level IV, Triple Curve The 26148 Triple-curve hard armor SAPI plate is certified NIJ 0101. LA Police Gear Point Blank Body Armor Special Threat Speed Male Plate | 5 X 8 | for $102. Edges of the canvas are slightly frayed, but do not impact performance. 4S16 Level IV Stand Alone Rifle Plate (DEA COMPLIANT) The Chase Tactical 4S16 Series are NIJ 06 Compliant Stand Alone Armor Piercing Plates. The 4600 Level IV Stand Alone Plates, like all of HESCO Ballistic Inserts, are manufa. Each plate is rigorously tested to ensure that its material is thick. 62mm FMJ is normally fired from an AK-47 style rifle or a sniper rifle. HESCO L210 10x12 Shooter Cut Special Threat Stand Alone Plate (PAIR) Vendor. Military Issue FLC Vest, Fighting Load Carrier ACU, Surplus. Stops M80, AK47, SS109, M855, M855A1 and more. Genuine Surplus Military Issue. Hesco 800 Series 3800C Level III Stand Alone Plate Law Enforcement Cut - Multi Curve (SOLD INDIVIDUALLY) Hesco. Outlasts Ceramic, Dyneema, and UHMWPE constructed body armor. SIZE: 10×12 (which fit our surplus Mk4 carriers perfectly!) THREAT LEVEL: IV - NIJ 06 COMPLIANT (pending NIJ certification) MODEL DESIGNATION: AR 1401 PATTERN: Multi CURVE SHOOTERS CUT MANUFACTURER: ARATECH RESEACH. Showroom 15858 Fort Campbell Blvd. Gear Guy Military Surplus is now open for business. Body armor comes in different levels. 11 Tactical Tactec Side Panels $79. The CORE Plate Carrier features: Built with a proprietary, heavy-duty nylon laminate, including rugged 1000D exterior. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. WTS] US Surplus SAPI Plates, large, gently used. It is for certain surplus items bought at auction such as trucks, trailers, generators, pumps, and many more items. There is some kind of urban legend that SAPI plates are not legal to possess, you even hear it from law enforcement officers. Products · Plates · Rifle Plates · Trauma Plates. Next there are some neat laminated Kevlar plates. Designed solely for Airsoft and Milsim purposes, the plate has been carefully constructed to ensure flexibility and lightness - enabling you to perform any actions or manoeuvers with ease and fleet of foot. The ceramic/composite design provides AP protection and a multi- shot rating on selected threats. Can be used with various carrier systems. There are no US marked "surplus" ESAPI plates. The Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) is a ceramic trauma plate used by the United States Armed Forces. Our selection of Body Armor includes tactical and bulletproof vests, bullet-safe plates, bulletproof apparel, bulletproof backpacks and more. Ballistic plates, also known as body armor plates, bulletproof plates, or simply as armor. Side plates are generally 6-7″ in size (c. The Soldier Plate Carrier System (SPCS) is a lightweight plate carrier made with nylon and other materials which provides protection and helps carry an armor plate for ballistic protection. military against higher caliber bullets. AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier - Gen 2 (3) $170. Oak Grove, KY 42262 Phone: (270) 885-2890 Fax: (253) 295-0736 Open To Public Mon - Fri 10AM to 5PM. 25” Three Pistol Mag Pockets On The Chest Of The […]. or soft armor), cuts (Swimmers, Shooters, SAPI, ESAPI), sizes, and different materials. LA Police Gear United Shield International Spartan Gen II Special Threat Plate | for $108. You need to pick a size that offers you maximum protection, without restricting your movement, and the ability to use our firearms. PE Armor Plates Light weight 1/2 the weight of Ceramic Plates. IDOGEAR Tactical Plates EVA Foam SAPI Plates for Tactical Vest Inner Liner Foam SAPI Shock Plates 2 PCS. For lightweight armor, many police officers choose the Paraclete Speed Plate. The small size of plate carrier improves body ventilation in high temperature and humidity conditions. Gear Dynamics Plate Carrier. The Gear Dynamics Plate Carrier has been designed from the ground up with modularity in mind. Each side comes with a dense open-cell foam panel which can be accessed by a touch-fastener closure on the interior side, this pocket will also accept many popular plates. 0 plate carrier multicam ocp us army military molle. Rothco Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest, Regular. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The E-SAPI test is very similar to the NIJ Level IV test, but just a little bit tougher. Laos enjoys trade surplus in controlled goods via VN. Detachable pads keep you safe throughout on-duty wear. James, I noticed the letter you posted about the man who bought his interceptor armor from eBay. 00 Like all of our HESCO BALLISTIC INSERTS, these plates are manufactured to the highest quality and tested to meet and exceed National Institute. Our USGI items are new unless otherwise listed. APM Ceramic Level 3 Triple Curve Stand Alone Plate ^ $449. Our SAPI (Small Arms Protective Inserts) plates come in a variety of levels, sizes and colors. It features padded shoulders with detachable retention loops, push-to-talk (PTT) attachment points at upper left and right. These individual plates are incredibly lightweight and less than 1" thick, which makes them incredibly comfortable for the wearer! These plates also feature a shooter cut that enables the wearer to have a more free range of motion for. For easy everyday usage, equip yourself and your loved ones with armored backpacks or view our scenario-based loadouts. 62mm round from about 30 meters while deployed to Afghanistan. Vest is size Regular, adjustable to fit. It is made out of ceramic Alumina. I wanted to find out if that was true for shorter barrels or longer distances so I fired M855 at this surplus UHMWPE plate from a 14. New and used surplus equipment in Collectibles > Militaria > Surplus > Personal, Field Gear. High quality body armor, bullet proof vests, ballistic vests and stab resistant vests body armour and bullet resistant insert from leading manufacturer . FIRSTSPEAR FirstSpear, StrandHogg SAPI Cut Plate Carrier, Complete, (Front, Back and Cumber bun). Plate carriers come in all sizes, colors, prices and features. I bought 2 sets (each purchase comes with two. From a plate carrier vest to Military patches, we offer a complete inventory of tactical gear and equipment with a 99. Plate carrier fits medium or large Swimmer, SAPI, or ESAPI plates up to 10. FOR SALE! Will fit into any plate carrier including Virtus and . 62mm APM2 plates at an additional cost. Plate Carrier Vest Fits Medium Or Large Swimmer/SAPI/ESAPI Plates Up To 10. You can have the 2 plates (medium front and back) and the throat guard for $175+shipping. These plates do not fragment when shot, as the entire projectile remains encapsulated inside the enclosure. Sophisticated design to combine low weight of laser cut laminate with durability and maximum user comfort. 00 kg Buying Armoring Plate RHP40KP3 Online. Water repellant polyurethane- coated 1000 Denier CORDURA® fabric finish. Plate carrier with pouches, Full face mask and lower face mask Plate carrier has a triple on the front that […] £70. EnGarde Body Armor has developed a plate carrier system that is designed to offer users the dual benefits of ease of use and protection against rifle rounds. The full poor man's rig: This kit was done for under two hundred dollars. Explore all we have to offer and stay safe and protected with a plate carrier from Army Surplus World!. The Plate Carrier Base consists of a front and rear plate pocket, joined by 2" adjustable shoulder straps. 26605-26149 Level IV Swimmer SAPI Combo. 62mm bullets, but will not defeat military-grade armor-piercing ammo. This product is regulated by ITAR. Side Armor Plate Pockets On The Cummerbund Fit Plates Up To 6 Inches X 7 Inches. The SAPI comes in different sizes to fit all users. 00 Add to cart; Model 23600 - Level III Rifle Plate $ 0. Kalman processes a high-volume of dense military surpluses, such as helmets and SAPI plates. What is the protection level of this plate when used . Made for military contract, and issued to our nations finest. Features: The BulletSafe Ceramic Plate is curved to allow it to conform with your chest's natural shape. A set of level IV ESAPI plates can be $400+, Surplus ESAPI plates go for $250. PACA Body Armor Vest w/ Front & Back Plates 3A Military Issue 2G3A-3 Male XLR Hello, For your buying consideration is a PACA Body Armor Vest. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Plates:I have considered Surplus ESAPI and Kevlar backer plates, the Hesco L210 (special threat high velocity 5. Nexus Level IV Monolithic Tile Side Plate 6x8" Set of 2. The Official United States Military Issue Kevlar Advanced . Bragg, they are always being sold on clist here. Grey Ghost Gear Minimalist Plate Carrier, Body Armor Carrier, Disigned to Carry 10" X 12" Hard Plates or Large ESAPI Plates, Constructed from Mil-Spec Materials to Stand Up to Hard Use, the Inside Faces of the Carrier are Lined with Air Mesh for Comfort and Breathability, Multicam 0007-5. What size SAPI plate do I need?. Skarr Armor® NIJ Level III Multi-Hit Std Military SAPI Med Stand Alone Plate Set. This simple two-piece design is connected via adjustable waist and shoulder straps.