sell my app. Or did it? An article discussing why Google, which already had its own mapping . Try contacting companies dealing with business project investments. If you are looking to avoid selling fees and meet up with local buyers yourself, then Letgo is just the app for you. You mail the item to the buyer at the expense of Poshmark, and Poshmark takes a small commission, depending on the size of the transaction. Get deals for your needs and sell your unwanted stuff, it’s time to live and letgo! We are now selling our own cars! Come visit us at our centers, buy and sell cars with confidence and ease. It takes just minutes, and listings are free. Feeling restless? Check out these apps and sites that can help you score great deals on last-minute travel plans. It was founded in the year 2015. You can get a price estimate on the website or lock in your price offer * on the app before selling at your nearest ecoATM kiosk. When you have a buyer, we'll give you the added benefit of providing instructions on how to deliver the tickets to them. Looking to declutter your home and make some cash? Here are 7 mobile marketplace apps to help you sell your things before you move. Deliver Cloud & On-premise applications — Fully managed. Or, you can be the "big fish in the little pond" with one of the other apps. Using our app, you can instantly find the best possible ways to sell old phone online without any hassle. If you want to sell your app ideas to Google, you should follow these steps below: #1 Open Google Chrome, #2. Sell your tickets with StubHub!. But with a little bit of effort, and having a list of apps like we listed above, you can move your items out and let the cash roll in. There is literally a mobile app for every utility, . Buy and sell used stuff like electronics, cars, clothing, decorations on letgo – the app that has made millions of people love secondhand. Along with other features, you can use it to: Track and fulfill orders. * Foap also distributes your content through partners, such as Getty Images, to help you sell even more of your photos! Foap is free! What's more, every time you sell a photo you get 50% of the commission. Do you need an app to sell clothes, a furniture selling app, or just a general buy and sell app? Whether you . I must admit that the popularity of mobile app source code marketplaces are hampered in last couple of years but if you really want to built useful mobile apps, they are bliss for application developers. SaaS (Subscription) based Multiple Companies Employee Tracking - an Exceptional business . As you are reading this article means, either you want to buy mobile app source code or you are a developer and looking for marketplaces to sell your app source codes. A comprehensive guide on how to sell your mobile app online to get the most out of it. The phrase "there's an app for everything" is not a hypothetical statement anymore. Two to three weeks if done online. AppHoldings - Sell your app Looking to sell your app or app portfolio? If you have something that might be a fit, please let us know. To submit your App to the App Store you'll also need the following: A list of descriptive words so it can be found in the App Store. Ziffit is the perfect app to sell second-hand books. 19 Places to Easily Sell Your Used Electronics in 2022. Sellers are provided with a prepaid shipping label from Poshmark via the Poshmark app. Find dream car auctions and search thousands of unique, consignment classics and exotic cars. The two main online marketplaces for apps are Flippa and Fliptopia. 8 Places to Sell Stuff Online. Buy Backflip Pro App source code, Ready for launch, With 14 days money back Guarantee & Lifetime updates and support!. Package up your items securely, and drop off your box[es] with our free FedEx service. Buildbox Templates for Creating Your Next Mobile Game Selling App Templates – Best Tips to Market Your App Template Best Things You Should Do Before Launching Your App Mobile Game Development Categories Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website Sites like codecanyon Best CodeCanyon alternative: compare, reviews, coupons BEST Fiverr Alternatives. Unlimited free and paid courses. Pitching your app idea to the right investors: Now you have a business plan ready and an app prototype/proof of concept or a functional MVP. Top App Builders (2021) Posted by Artyom Dogtiev SellMyApp and Appypie all offer a price plan to become resellers using their software platforms. Please note if you do not see opt-out options in your app, your game developer has enabled privacy controls to create a more privacy-protective experience or to . The app installs advertising objective helps you reach more people to grow your user base, and makes it easy for people to download your app. How to sell my own Android app to a company? I've built A+. If you display this message, you should also offer . Selling User Data (Legally) If your app idea entails collecting (non-sensitive) user data like age, location, preferences, etc. To sell bitcoin using your Cash App: Tap the Bitcoin tab on your Cash App home screen; Press Sell; Select an amount or tap … to enter a custom amount; Enter your PIN or Touch ID and select Confirm; Custom Orders. Check out the page for more details and download the app!. Available for credit card payments, installment, LINE PAY, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ATM card payments. Our online book buyback tool is the best way to get value for your used books. With an engaging new Store that now features traditional desktop apps and new ways to generate revenue, there has never been a better time to find your success in the Store. 2 star+ rating Fun/unique apps Prefer apps that have been on the store for 6+ months and downloads that are reasonably steady. If you would prefer to sell to a local buyer, here are the best apps for selling locally: 12. Listings selling for over $50K are few and far between; must close at $500-$5000. When you use your own commerce system for your non-gaming apps, you keep 100% of the revenue (subject to the terms of your own commerce system provider and payment processor), and do not pay Microsoft anything for publishing or selling your app. The 5 Step Guide To Selling Mobile Apps From Scratch. com Mobile App and Exchange, you can buy 150+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and etc. The figure above the graph represents your total gross income after 24 months (based on our AppBuilder Reseller Pro plan ) while the graph displays a monthly breakdown of your net income over 24 months. To get started, consider the following options, which are among the best sites and apps where you can sell clothes online. Why Power Apps? custom-business. Submit this list to Brian's Toys to receive an offer. Here is a list of the ten best apps to sell your stuff. For new and existing apps, validate that Organizational licensing is enabled in Dev Center – follow these instructions; Payouts and reporting. The Best App to Sell Stuff on eBay: The 12 Most Influential Apps in Selling Apps For Money. You upload photos and descriptions of your items and set the prices. Use either the Ziffit website or download the Ziffit app, scan your books and, if you’re happy with the offers, complete your trade. Contact private companies to sell an idea directly to them. I like the concept of getting $5 if someone purchases a picture of mine and the person who adds my pic to their album gets 25 cents & vice versa, however I am noticing from looking at others profiles that very few have their pictures sold-so quite disappointing. com is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Coming from vast experience in Internet marketing and SEO he created Sell My App as a . Depending on market activity, sales proceeds may take up to 2 business days to be deposited in your Cash App balance. Sourcing and selling products. Get cash for your clutter, flip your books, and do it all for free. com - Sell App, Buy App, Game Source Codes, Scripts Marketplace with Source Codes and App & Game Templates New Added Items View All ElementsKit - The Ultimate Addons for Elementor Page Builder The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin Elite Video Player - WordPress plugin Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress. The marketplace strives to enrich and push the mobile developer community to innovate by offering a wide variety of options to make new income streams as a mobile developer'. How to Sell Your Healthcare App to a Hospital. 2x Watch View Listing CONFIDENTIAL Type iOS App Monetization Service Subscription Net Profit $129,317 p/mo Two mobile applications are for sale. It’s the easiest way to sell your books online. Quick, easy, safe, and convenient way to sell used books for cash. Freelancer lets creatives find jobs in areas like website and app development, brand design, and digital marketing. How to sell apps and how much is my app worth. Remember that there is a very thin line between making revenue the right way, and infringing on the user data laws. com marketplace, you can find tons of app source codes of different niche. Over the last few years, Venmo has emerged as a simple way to exchange funds and make payments. Say 'goodbye' to your old go-tos and 'hello' to one-of-a-kind treasures. If you want to sell your Tablet, you’ve landed in the right place! We’ll give you an instant price for your device and lock it in for 28 days, giving you enough time to make your decision. It paints a picture for developing a Python API from start to finish and provides help in . Now, the marketplace will handle the ordering, customer service, marketing, and promotion for you. If your app does not meet these criteria, the only way to sell the app is to transfer the entire developer account to the buyer. Pick a Player Card Buy the Player Card with your FIFA Acc. Request custom quote: We will provide you a custom Reskin quote price for your project. Amazon Seller is Amazon’s free mobile app that helps you manage your ecommerce business from anywhere. Buy iOS and Android source codes of all types, buy them easily through our marketplace or sell your apps with us. Twitter app icon If you want to sell that book through your social media channels, you put it in a PDF file and click on Koji's template . The best alternative is Codester, which is free. Put Your App Idea on the Paper · 2. Listings selling for over $50K . If you're selling a healthcare app in the United States, you'll face an uphill battle accessing decision makers. It simply gives you a platform to advertise your products and chat with buyers, after which you can sell to them directly. Do the research and analyze information: Know your market and your . Receive cash for transferring your app to the new owner or selling your source code. Releasing your apps on Google Play. Learn more Kryptonite $5000 in sales volume. Sell your service online and work from home the entire time! FlexJobs lets you find telecommuting, part-time, freelance, and contract work in more than 50 categories, from project management to sales. Include brand and product name like "Apple iPhone” or “Coach handbag”. Craigslist is an excellent internet site that launched 1995 and functions as a classified ad website for everything from jobs to gigs to discussions, with sections for various localities. SellCell instantly compares prices from all the leading cell phone buyback companies to get you the most cash for your old phone. Opendoor is the new way to sell your home. Google Play is a robust publishing platform that helps you publicize, sell, and distribute your Android applications to users around the world. Turn spare moments into spare cash with the stockimo app and sell your images on Alamy, the world's largest website for picture buyers. Your app can also deep link to the Google Play Store to let users restore their subscription. Sell to customers via email, social media, or your website. launching an app was never so easy!. Answer (1 of 10): From the Google Play reviews on your app and the amount of downloads, you seem to have a really good product there. The app connects you with their vetted Pro Sellers who will sell your stuff on your behalf for a commission. Even with the mobile app business booming, there is still room for app innovation. Selling branded clothing and shoes. Or, you can be the “big fish in the little pond” with one of the other apps. It is the fastest way to start if you want to make money selling your apps or app ideas. Once your trade is received and processed, you will receive your payment. If you use the app, it has a bar-code scanner, which makes listing your items easy and accurate. Here's What You Can Do About It. Huge mobile app marketplace to buy ready made 2D/3D games for iOS and Android. Flippa is a global online marketplace where individuals and business owners buy and sell websites, online businesses and other digital real estate. We can generally offer around 6-24 months of last 30 day's revenues and can purchase apps & portfolios in the $50,000-$4,000,000 range. This streamlines the selling process by letting you post items for free and offering tips for making your listing shine. Buy iOS and Android source codes of all types, buy them easily through our . There are more than 10 alternatives to Sell My App for a variety of platforms, including Online / Web-based, SaaS, iPhone, Android and Mac. With OfferUp you can easily sell anything like clothes and shoes, used cars, electronics, vintage fashion, and furniture. When we say app development, we mean business. Trusted by sellers worldwide You create amazing products. Carousell is a fairly new selling app that acts as a community marketplace. Select and price the ticket (s) you'd like to sell. app The best way to sell digital goods For gamers Selling digital goods online is difficult — but it doesn't have to be. Terms of use Privacy & cookies Privacy & cookies. Nostalgic style car app allows ease of use to shop all makes and models, upload lots of photos, and find classic car buyers and sellers in the USA, Europe, Canada, South. Accept payments in more than 25 currencies, make use of various payment methods, attract customers from across the world, and start increasing your sales. The "multiple" can vary widely depending on a range of factors, however for the vast majority of apps the multiple will be around 2x. Marketplace Name, Platform Support. Protect, Monetize & Scale Your Business. Swappa lets you buy and sell directly with other users, so sellers make more and buyers save more. Selling methods plugins developed by The #1 Upsell & Cross-sell Solution. Confirm the purchase and Earn Money. A peer-to-peer platform On Flippa, sellers are selling their passion projects, side hustles and online businesses. Selling apps: The 10 best apps to sell your stuff in 2022. Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market/classifieds app that allows you to sell your clothing and other items to people who live in your area. Sell My App is described as 'Sellmyapp. As with many apps, items for sale are tailored to your geographic location. Whether you're trying to get rid of clothes, jewelry, or technology, you can sell them without a hassle. The GameStop website and app both have up-to-the-minute values for electronics, consoles, games, accessories, collectibles, . Then payment occurs after both parties sign an agreement to transfer ownership of the logo icons from you to BrandCrowd. How To Sell An App Idea To A Company?. I can say there is a direct correlation to my elevated success from working with APP Business Brokers”. How to Make and Sell an IPhone App With No Previous Programming Knowledge!!: This is a simple method of making your iPhone App sitting at home without . Trade-in your old books, CDs, and DVDs too! Sell my games now. Decluttr is an easy-to-use site that let’s you get rid of your electronics, video games, tablets, cell phones, CDs and DVDs. Enjoy a fair pay for your sales. We're going to do that thing you always say you want to do: make money from your indie app. If you have your own idea for a mobile app and are ready to start developing it, you will want to make sure you understand the rules regarding copyright protection for computer programs—including what is protected and what is not—especially if you plan to profit from your work. Sell your apps to organizations. com is one of the first marketplaces for buying and selling mobile source code. Facebook Marketplace: Best for Quick Sales. 7 Places To Sell Your Stuff Online For Real Money. Unlike other selling apps, OfferUp allows buyers and sellers to communicate in-app, so there's no need to give out personal information. If you're making a meditation app, for example, you could sell different lessons or advertise related products. Get the best solution for your mobile needs here at Cashify. How Do You Download an App?. Poshmark appeals to fashion lovers with new, pre-owned or vintage clothes they’re ready to part with. Sell My Source Code is world's first platform for mobile application developer to buy and sell source code of iphone, ipad, android, 3D games and many more. We reviewed the best apps to sell your things, so that you can unload what . Best Buy and Sell Apps for Used Stuff. List of Top Mobile App Source Code Marketplaces. The 3 top sites for doing this are . Make sure that your app is high-quality because your customers will . Selling an idea directly is challenging, so wait until your idea is fleshed out. Decluttr launched in 2013 and began its advertising campaign in the same year. data Stay logged out with your WebApp acc. It can be anything from selling Old mobile, Doorstep Mobile Repair, Refurbished Mobiles, Smartphone Accessories or Finding a New Phone - we offer you the. First, we need to review and curate the logos you wish to sell. From clothes and video games, to antiques and cameras, here are the best resale apps to offload your stuff for cash. Apps usually sell for 10-20 times the last month's revenue. The Sell My App marketplace offers its clients quality templates and source code. Ziffit is a no-hassle, no-cost way to sell your used books online. Skip the hassle of listing, showings and months of stress, and close on your own timeline. You will make my day if you include our platform PieceX into your post. If you want to make the most of your listing, download the Letgo app. When you complete the checkout process, we'll ask how you d like to get paid. Rule 3: Look good If you want your app to sell, it needs to look good. Add to cart If you need a custom quotation, contact us. SellApp automates all the hard parts and helps you turbocharge your sales. They also have their own Reskin coding team that provides . Sell your phone: Diagnose, publish test report, transfer data & earn more money. Microsoft Store is the best place to find apps on Windows. Use drip functionality to release your product over time. Simply enter your books ISBN number in the box above and we will give you an instant price quote! Sell books with free shipping and no worries about if your book will sell or not. Sell Your Work | Codester Start making money by selling your PHP Scripts, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and App Templates to the 100. Receive 70% commission Codester offers one of the highest commission rates. Our seller levels give you the freedom to push yourself to the top in terms of income and recognition. A few (1-4) screenshots of your App's screens. Let PiggyBook buy back your books now. Listing on StubHub is as easy as 1-2-3 Just sign in to the app or on your mobile browser, tell us what tickets you're selling, and set your price. Swappa is the best way to sell your iPhone online and get paid fast. Verify that you are a registered developer in supported countries/regions. There is an annual $99 membership fee that includes the cost of hosting the apps on the store. And sell your antique car or truck on the SellYourClassic app. Most sales apps levy some charge upon each successful transaction. Here are three ways to set up your mobile app and sell it for maximum value. Selling Books online to Sell Back Your Book could not be easier. Letgo is an app and website which was founded by the former CEO of OLX. SendOwl features a built-in affiliate system, pre-checkout and post-payment upsells, discount codes, and pay-what-you-want pricing. Respond to customers, see your shop stats, and manage your orders. Search and find products to sell. If you have any other apps associated with that account, you’ll need to transfer them out of the account (if possible) or sell all your apps together. Call or send a message to a company that could use your app. Fortunately, downloading apps can be quick, simple and easy regardless of the kind of technology you're using. There s not a faster, better way to sell old phones, and getting your money is just as easy. You will pay listing and final sell fees with Amazon. There are plenty of selling apps to help you sell locally, like on Craigslist. How to sell your app in the Google Play Store Print · Select your app from the list, navigate to the Monetize section within the left-side menu, . Migrate applications See how to expand your customer base, grow your business, and drive more revenue when you migrate your existing apps to Azure. Start Selling for Free No credit card required. Purchase with a credit card, debit card, crypto, or fiat bank transfer. Any time you sell an item on Mercari, you will have to wait to get paid (into your Mercari app account) until your buyer receives the item, . com (Paid) and CodeGrape (Paid). Start making money by selling your PHP Scripts, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and App Templates to the 100. Apple's trade-in program will take devices from a wide range of companies, not just its own. Let's say your app generates $100,000 in net cash flow per year. Download the free Ziffit app on Google Play or the App Store. GamePolygon Spring MEGA Sale: 30 AAA Games worth $3,711 -95% OFF NOW!. There are services that make it easy to get rid of your stuff. How to Sell an App Idea to a Company · 1. Choose from +3800 Complete App Templates for iOS and Android. These two strategies will yield a list that you should use in your keywords field, and also liberally in your app's description and feature list. This page was last updated Mar 8, 2022. Communication between buyers & sellers happens through the app via secure messaging. To start selling, submit your scripts, mobile apps, or app components to Sell My Source Code. The #1 marketplace to buy and sell apps - Android and iOS. Get rewarded for your creativity. 10 Best Apps To Sell Clothes Online in 2021. Let’s check the list after the jump. NFT can be generated to show ownership, establishing the creator of the artwork as the issuer of the NFT. How To Sell My Products Online Through An App?. 5 steps to selling your app idea. By taking the five following steps, you'll subsequently learn how to sell your idea for an app to an interested team or company to implement, and make profit without actually doing it yourself. Sell Your Cell Phone & Tablets for Cash Today – EcoATM. You can request a check, have the funds deposited in your PayPal account, or. So what should you do to sell your idea for an app idea to a company? These steps will help you succeed in getting $million in revenue for selling your project: 1. Your One-Stop Solution to Selling and Marketing Wall art to your clients. Put Your App Idea on the Paper Describe what your app will be about, what features it will have, what value it will bring to the users. Sell Your Apps and Start Earning Today - Sell My App Earn up to 90% commissions from selling your apps source codes and grow your reputation and audience! The more you contribute, the more you earn. Get paid as soon as your iPhone sells, without waiting for your money! Swappa offers strong buyer and seller protections to give you peace. You can also bring people back into your app with the traffic objective, or encourage specific actions in your app with the conversion objective. You'll always keep control of your copyright and be able to choose which photos you submit for selling. Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the site. 14 Best Android Apps to Sell Your Used Stuff Locally (2022) · 1. Sell your app; Make an app easily with top quality app & game templates Featured. We offer a wide array of options for buyers and sellers - full and exclusive rights to licensing! A full mobile version so you can always access SellMyApp. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Having seen the success of some developers in selling Apps for the iPhone, and with the iPad now out, there must be many developers thinking . Turn your photos into money! Upload your photo collection and sell it to well known brands all over the world. Before you sell stuff online to make extra money, determine the ideal venue for your goods. For starters, you need to figure out what your app is really worth. Have an app idea & selling that app idea, both are completely different things? Let's take a look on how to sell an app idea to company. Adjust the sliders to set the number of Apps you aim to sell per week, your App setup fee and your monthly fee for hosting the App. OfferUp is a free app that connects people selling items like jewelry, cars, smartphones, and other tech items with local buyers. Here's everything you need to know to use it safely. Selling mobile apps is one of many ways to build a business and make money. What's more, you can sell your stuff safely — with little or no contact with the buyer. SendOwl is a platform for selling digital products — downloads, memberships, subscriptions. There are different apps to sell used stuff online depending on whether you’re selling a physical product or a service. You don't have to spend any extra money on top of that in order to sell your app. Payouts of proceeds from organizational purchases work the same as consumer purchases. It's the perfect place to declutter and discover items that are uniquely you. GamePolygon Spring MEGA Sale: 30 AAA Games worth $3,711 -95% OFF NOW! Unity. If you have something that might be a fit, please let us know. Review your listing and you're all set. A Launch image that appears while your App is loading. Here, we rounded up the best apps to sell your stuff so you can start clearing out your home today. If you’re ready to sell your app or want to get started with your research, come and check out Flippa, the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites and apps. Also keep in mind that Poshmark makes a commission with each sale: a flat $2. Here are the best buy and sell apps for selling your stuff to local buyers through the internet. Recently sold apps on Flippa Why should I sell my app? One tricky thing about selling a profitable business is that it almost never makes financial sense to sell. Using the app, you can sell almost anything, from beauty products to cars. Sellmyapp is the best marketplace for purchasing high quality mobile source codes for iOS, Android and Unity from top quality authors. Startup platforms are places where people wishing to sell ideas for apps can register as well. Our Fast Next Day Payments make sure you’ll get paid the day after we receive your Tablet!. You can use Cash App to create Custom Bitcoin Orders. So if you have a lot of stuff to sell but don’t have the time or patience to list them one by one, add pictures, descriptions, etc, give Flyp a try. With all of the innovation in the field of mobile app development, it’s become quite easy to get up and running into a side hustle or even a 6-figure a year revenue stream. Save time by batch uploading via your desktop, allowing our web uploader to automatically keyword your images and put them up for sale. Remove any personal accounts and info. The Sell My Toys app from Brian's Toys makes this process quick and easy for you! Just scan your barcodes and get quotes for your collection with Sell My Toys! Create and manage lists of your toy collection by scanning the bar codes on the packaging of your modern toys. PieceX is a new platform available for buying and selling source code. Now you need to focus on finding the right investors who want to invest or purchase your app idea. Build a custom line of business solutions. Stav Zilbershtein is a passionate internet entrepreneur. It’ll be front and center in your listing. Shopping apps have made online shopping easier than ever, and there are many ways apps can simplify your shopping experience. Confirm with your PIN or Touch ID The amount of your sale may be automatically deposited into your Cash App balance. 世界初のAI搭載ソースコード取引所『PieceX』は、世界中のソフトウェア開発者が部品単位の. Are your shelves full of books with stories left to tell? Don’t let them collect dust – sell your books back online to earn cash instead. A lot of gaming apps have their own currencies. Receive payment via PayPal or Payoneer account. Here are our top picks for fitness apps available on both iOS and Android that'll get you pumped up to enjoy working out. Here are 5 free services to build and sell your mobile app. Looking for ways to improve your mental health through guided meditation and mindfulness? Check out these apps that can help!. Another neighborhood-centric selling app, Meta Marketplace gives you a great chance of offloading your unwanted stuff and making some extra cash. Selling methods apps for your Shopify ecommerce store. Other users can message you to haggle or buy directly. At checkout, you can choose how you’d like to be paid. With the Sell Downloads app by Sellfy, you can turn your site into a fully functional online digital store. App Sales Net Profit $5,697 p/mo WhatsApp App for Apple Watch Asking price $150,000 Multiple 2. Selling these businesses gave me the opportunity to become an influencer in a market I was trying to move into. However, you can distribute your apps through any app marketplace you want or you can use multiple marketplaces. Tell us how you'd like to get paid. Sell My App is proud to become a Platinum Partner of Vision Mobile! Posted on 07th February 2017 (about 5 years ago). Download the free BooktoCash app today:. If you decide now s not the time to sell your cell phone, then we'll return your device for free. Monster Truck Simulator - Stunt Game 2022. 95 on sales under $15, and 20 percent on sales $15 and up. With so many apps to choose from, however, it can be a bit daunting if you don't know how to download them. With millions of downloads, Letgo is touted as the largest and fastest-growing app for buying and selling clothes, cars, home decor (duh!), and more. Even with the best budgeting intentions, cutting back on daily or monthly expenses may not be enough to ease these financial burdens. All Engineers, From beginner programmers to senior engineers can use the PieceX. Make the most of your coding skills by building a business through Zoho Marketplace. This app is fun but needs work I only joined recently, and enjoy seeing other people's photography and I like creating albums. Thank you for your message, we will contact you shortly. If you are looking to sell old or unwanted items for fast cash, Decluttr is your solution. It provides source code in many languages including Java, C#, PHP and Genres ranges from Web System to Business System. Not "I did all the required fields and it passed the app store's review" good, but actually, objectively good. Then you can earn by selling that data to interested companies. Turnaround time: Instant if done in an Apple Store. * In some cases, only select Ticketmaster events may allow tickets to be resold. Enter your ticket barcode or sign into My Account and tap on your order to view your tickets. Sell on Etsy, our app just for sellers, lets you easily manage your business on the go. com offers an easy, fast way for consumers to buy mobile apps and developers to sell apps online. Mobile scanner - 15k downloads/ mo and $10k/mo Mobile fax - 9k downloads/mo and $115k/mo. Emails obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal how app developers are lured by marketing firms to sell your data. Poshmark is a free app for selling clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, etc.