how to tell if valves are bent after timing chain broke. Tighten adjusting nut (while rotating pushrod) until all valve lash is eliminated. Running a compression test on an engine with a broken timing belt will show nothing unless a new belt is installed and properly timed. If doing work yourself it can pay to hang the new timing belt and then do compression check to see what's going on. Removed dead number allocation code. Hmmm, it could be that a valve head has snapped off and dropped in due to timing chain failure. cam marks, matching the notches cut in the upper center cover of the camshaft. If you start hearing clanking noise when the engine The problem of broken guides on the timing-chain. PDF 2001 Dodge Neon Interference Engine. An interference engine is not so lucky. Or broken valves and damaged pistons and also the cylinder head. I needed to replace the motor, however, this is an extremely pricey repair and I have not repaired yet. I have a 06 crf450r that the casting piece (the 'J') that the timing chain guide sits in broke off on the left crankcase while at the track. inspect your valve seats in the head. If the valve is bent very slightly, and depending where the bend is on the stem it can still seal against the seat well enough to product decent compression numbers. I have never broke a chain in a SBC. 0 diesel engines from 2005 on appear to have a design issues affecting the BMW timing chain. 6L Timing Replacement, Cloyes 9. The gears could be partially broken (missing teeth), but it could just be the lifters or pushrods bent, not allowing all the valve train to work. Do a compression test on all cylinders. My chain broke and after replacing it and getting the car running there is a serious missfire in cylinder 4, I am about remove the left bank cylinder head (driver side) and change out the exhaust valves, they are bent. Cracked head is also very likely. When you replace your Vanos you will notice an increase in lower range power, up to about 3k RPM's, you will improve your fuel. 3 bent valves from the initial inspection, but the cam was fine. Worst case is valve hit the piston since the crank was still moving but the valves were not. When the timing belt breaks while driving,how many valves can I expect to be bent? I know the best way to find out is to pull the head . P pedersenp Registered Joined Feb 5, 2008 6 Posts Discussion Starter · #13 · Feb 5, 2008 Jerry Bransford said:. Bent valves can result from overreving the engine or a broken timing belt, timing chain, valve spring or camshaft. The Timing chain I replaced was actually in great shape. How to tell if valves are bent after timing chain broke. I took it to a local shop to see if there are any other issues aside from a broke chain. Timing was 100% matched up with the marks on the pulley &. I do all maintenance on schedule and have since I bought it, used, in 1998 with 14K miles. After I installed one I tried to start it again. However, after fixing the trans, my engine broke a couple weeks ago. Slight variations in timing or orientation can result in catastrophic engine damage (e. Valve and tappet noise usually begins as a clicking sound, or chatter, at half engine speed and may then disappear at high speeds. If you experience low compression on all cylinders, it may be caused by a faulty camshaft timing belt or chain, but it could also be caused by a previously wrong installed belt or chain. I put the used LS2 chain back in instead of the Cloyes. 17 How do you tell if valves are bent after timing belt broke? Toyota 20R, 22R, 22RE, 22RET, 2RZ-RE, 3RZ-FE engines are all chain driven interference engines. Update: Jumped timing chain = bent valve. I've got the driver side head off, and Number 1 cylinder is at TDC, and the cam timing marks are dead on, so there is no chance that the timing chain was installed incorrectly. You need to loosen the timing belt now. Ford Timing Belts & Chains. They quoted the cylinder head replacement at $6800 total ($4300 for my portion). If not, you aren't out a ton of money. Aftermath: I found a video online for 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Timing Belt Installation, where the belt had actually broke, however, the driver had only been going about 5 mph and after he replaced the belt, everything was fine. In the case of a broken belt, the engine won't start as quickly as it should. Feb 14, 2017 Museum of Simulation Technology Free Download setup in simple direct link for PC. The timing belt system on the AWM Audi A4 1. He told her that the serpentine belt,top cylinder gasket and water pump will have to be replaced. These excessive forces on the chain could also lead to timing tensioner, chain, or guide failure. There are other ways to test for bent valves like a cylinder leakage test but your head is off. Replaced valves, timing, head gaskets, put back together and she fired up and drove great! 4th mistake: Replaced starter in vain. Cylinder/crankshaft offset - posted in The Technical Forum Archive: I have an interest in the 1932 Ford V8 engine, in the design of which old Henry insisted on following the so-called "desaxé" principle, for little gain but a complicated asymmetrical engine cross section (desaxé = offcentre/unbalanced). After three and a half weeks and $4700 later and a week before Christmas we have our vehicle back. Usually when you break a timing chain the piston hits the valves, which will bend or break them. Diagnosing Valve Train Noise and Other. The only thing that happens when a timing belt breaks is a few valves get bent. The worst part for everyone is that there is absolutely no warning, no sound. Modmini on Youtube dropped a valve on his Gen 1. When ours let go, it bent all 16 valves. Question about 22RE and broken timing chain. Checking for bent valves after timing belt failure. It's not the timing belt that breaks. If placed anywhere else, it will be impossible to shim that center valve into spec and it will leak all compression out. If you use the DC tool, the twisting force is absorbed by the cam gear and countered by the tool (either through the timing chain or directly on the gear. EXPERT If the timing chain broke then the engine would crank over much faster than normal. This can cause your drive and timing belts to go bad. If you are measuring at the CAM lobe itself, the R60/7 had a 0. Tried to start and all the same bent again. Snapped the exhaust cam and 1 cam bridge, but no bent valves or damage to the pistons, head or timing gears at all! Bloody lucky this happened in the driveway and not on the road at 100!. Replaced engine oil and filter with the factory recommended oil weight if necessary. There are probably some bent valves. I suppose that could easily have happened while my bent valves were wearing themselves more or less back into a weird sort of functionality. Showed no noticible loss of compression. 8T 20 valve engine is driven by a timing belt system which links the cylinder head, camshafts, and crankshaft to run in sync. This engine is hat is called an "interferance motor". If the fault(s) continue check the Non-Return valve located by the Timing Chain tensioner. You can tell if the valves are bent by trying to rotate the cams. Ok so the back story is my car threw a bunch of codes this weekend and died, one of them being a 30BB code. For years, they had the timing belt turning one cam and a chain with a variable valve timing tensioner running the other cam. If the driver pushes it past the recommended oil change interval, the first item to show the abuse is usually the timing chain. I broke a timing chain and had to replace three valves and now i can't get them adjusted properly. As they say "go figure"! 4 Oct update. The vacuum gauge reading taken from a source on the intake should be around 20 inches of …. You shouldn't have to pull the valve cover. Engine rattling when accelerating can be a symptom of a problem with this timing belt. On the dodge maintenance manual says to take the belt off with the motor at TDC. This isn't the area of vehicle maintenance to cut corners or try to save time. Compression probably means your valves are ok. We designed this website for the public to have knowledge of our specialty and to assist in the repairs of the audi and vw 1. Namely, back in 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the VW group by Audi and VW owners who have suffered damages due to the whole timing chain issue. After assembly using air pressure, we set the spring tension on the valve to hold the piston closed until 35 psi. It sounds like you are going to be replacing the head gasket, so you might as well do a complete top-end rebuild. I discovered after doing the timing job (and one head), it's still not starting. If it has a distributor, remove the cap and rock the crank back and forth. On the other hand, the timing belt tensioner shouldn't "lock up". 9L solved many of the reliability issues that plagued its predecessor. 0T Timing Chain Recalls and VW Timing Chain Settlement. There shouldn't be much difference between lower control arm. For all intents and purposes, they create the same symptoms when. After the so called mishap the last trip, it was $1,300+ for a Cometic head gasket and head rebuild due to bent valves from a jumped timing chain…that on top of the $2,000+ or so I spent on the dyno tune and other random "services" these retards hooked me up with, and oh, not to mention my car STILL has no tune because it never saw the. If it runs well, throw in a water pump, tensioner, then either keep it and drive it, or sell a running X. the valves should not be bent, when the timing chain breaks the valves shut immediately and stay shut, therefore no piston to valve contact. While a broken timing belt is bad and costs a lot more money than it would have cost to maintain the belt, it is by no means, a catastrophe or the end of the engine. I'd recommend getting it replaced if you intend on keeping the car. Metal debris in the engine oil. The SC belt is still a 90k mile replacement BUT the time period has been increased to 108 months (9 years). Replacing a Timing Belt on a Mitsubishi Outlander 2003. Jeep Diagnostics: Vehicle Noise. 1) replace timing chain and associated parts for $2k and drive the car for another 3-5 years. Hi everyone Well, its happened. 0 has a lower compression ratio, so …. If you have low compression in all cylinders, this is often the culprit. i have to get out there and start tearing this thing down. If it was running you may have bent some valves. Could be that you have a tensioner about to go which is making the noise. It's 90,000 miles or 6 years - sorry Billy. Just trying to determine if I can test compression simply after replacing the timing belt before buttoning everything up. • The engine may have a bent push rod. If the crankshaft moves a few degrees without moving the distributor rotor or valve, either the timing chain, the hydraulic tensioner, or the guide has failed. 1) you're fucking stupid to crank it over with a broken timing belt 2) if the timing belt is broken a compression test won't tell you shit. Even when following the guidelines set forth by your vehicle's manufacturer it is important to know what signs to look for in a failing or broken timing . Another thing that could cause it is if a tooth broke(very . As stated above, the timing chain is essential in making sure that the upper valve train is synced up with the crankshaft. I turned it for one full revolution of the chain, so I guess it's not a bent piston/rod etc. The result is usually catastrophic engine failure. After they figured out what happened, they ordered a new cam, put it in and everything ran fine until a couple of weeks ago. I am really, really ticked since GM will do nothing about it. Once the high end is down into the timing cover about 4mm, flip the cover over 8. Any loss of timing between crankshaft, and cam shaft will prove fat. Just hit the gas pedal after a chain replacement. probably get it done for less than $200 at the junkyard. I have got many BBC heads with valves bent because of a broken timing chainThere may be issues thereI have never broke a chain in a SBC. Watch this video to learn how to fix the top end of your Chevy 350 engine. After I took off cover I found small pieces of black plastic all over. Custom made valves at $120 each being replaced a second time was not good. One of the valves got bent into a perfect little taco. In order for a car with a metal timing chain to slip out of time would require a significant amount of teeth to be missing from. Both valve stems are longer because the rocker pedestals were moved up higher on the head to make room for the new exhaust ports. I will get some pics of the pistons tomorrow and see if I can get them posted. Important to tighten the advancer screws equally when time at 0 lash. I had my t belt and water pump replaced for under $400 at a local shop (but no tensioner, which I'm going to pay. 6 inline-4 turbo engine don't really seem like an issue at all. This is what a dropped rocker sounds like (also broke a valve spring, and may have dropped the valve, but the noise is similar): YouTube. To find out if you bent any valves do a compression test if it passes then go ahead with the timing chain replacement if it doesn't valve need to be replaced and see what other things are damaged use a compression tester they have it for about 15. After discussing it over with the wife it looks like I am going to just do the work to save a few bucks and know that the timing chain should be good for another 100k miles instead of going through buying an engine and have the chain break on it in the near future. 3L V6 with all-aluminum construction using cast-iron cylinder liners for durability and VVT-i. For timing belt only, they asked me $640 at my Honda dealer and $450 at an independent shop. The idea that timing belts must be changed at 60K seems a little suspect to me given the improvements in manufacturing over the past 20 years. Correction Note: Inspect the camshaft for damage while the lifters are removed from the engine. The 5VZ-FE and the 3VZE is a belt driven non-interference engine. Also, its not entirely correct that these Deutz BF4M1011 engines do not have any timing marks at all, however, those are not visible when engine is sitting in the skider, two holes on crank-end, where hidro-drive pulley/starter teeth gear bolts on the crank, aligns with block machined surface: Valves are intact, just 4 bent pushrods. Thanks for upgrading us all about the presence of timing belt and not timing chain. A stretched timing chain or damaged tensioner can also set the P1009 code. Though such damage requires significant shop time to repair, engine replacement is usually NOT indicated, and the parts required are reasonable in quantity and cost. The timing belt or chain uses the rotation of the crankshaft and transfers power to the camshaft to control the valves' opening times. One is manual, one is automatic. The number of protrusions depends on how many cylinders the engine has. If the rotor of the engine moves, your timing chain is intact. Valve Lash/Rocker Arm Adjustment. Interference engines are nothing to mess with. Disassemble the chain tensioner. 0T Quattro Timing/ Camshaft Tensioner help. wallet because I had to replace all 16 valves on this twin overhead cam engine. Re: 22r timing chain broke! « Reply #4 on: Apr 06, 2010, 09:11:00 AM ». Not so with a non-interference engine. This engine is used in several Toyota and Lexus models; car-based models from minivans to SUVs based on. 1st repair shop found spark plugs gummed-removed the valve cover. If I remember right, Honda recommends a timing belt change at 90K miles, and I'll go along with that. 6 petrol that has a snapped timing chain. This past fall the car broke down on me while driving at speed - the motor was probably 2000-2500 rpm. You also have to factor in the timing to make sense of what's going on. I tired to put it on but the belt didn't have enough slack. The timing chain stretched enough to jump quite a bit. BMW uses 2 mm clearance and uses 2 mm (. dont turn the crank without the timing chain hooked up or you might bend the valves yourself. Howevr, it might run to 200K miles or more, or not last to 150K miles. I should have held the new Cloyes chain up to the 10k LS2 chain and snapped a picture. It took him a week to diagnose the problem (broke the timing chain and bent the valves). Had it towed to my local mech as I thought it was a sensor. The oil light had had some issues recently but that was it. When the camshaft turns it opens and closes the valves. you screw into the spark plug holes and turn the engine over a cupla times if no pressure, you got bent valves. Con rods rise and fall, cranks spin, valves open and shut, pumps keep everything oiled and all of this, every bit of it, is overseen by the motion of a £30 bit of rubber. Timing belts don't often snap, but when they do, it can cause piston damage, ruined cylinder heads, and . 2 Performance Decrease - The engine timing is going to be affected when the timing chain jumps. You WILL need the tensioner tool. Is there a way to determine if the valves were bent because of this? Or should I just plan on pulling the head to be sure while doing the job?. 6L for the newly restyled retro-look Mustang. I had just installed a NOS heated steering wheel, got about 2 blocks down the street before the timing chain failure. If it moves, you may be able to salvage the engine. The 1999 Dodge Intrepid has 27 problems reported for timing chain broke and bent valves. My timing belt has gone out and I am looking to replace it. Just put new chain on and it should fire back up. Service Engine Soon - Your vehicles ECM may or may not have enough input from the engines sensors to detect that the timing chain has jumped. I don't think the chain skipped a tooth, but I think. when you pull the top end down, check what I said above ^^^^. The SUV's though require the engine removed to replace the chains. The camshaft cannot function when the belt breaks or fails. This is a very complicated and detailed service and we are dedicated for 100% customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time. The result will be a damaged cylinder head, valve, piston, cylinder, and/or camshaft. Thought it might have happened when I was trying to break loose the crankshaft bolt but the timing chain was still on at that point so no. Recently a timing chain guide on my cobra broke. I did have to replace the timing chain on an '84 900. Interference engines, also known as "destructive head" engines are the ones that have little clearance between the valves and pistons and if the cam stops turning as a result of broken timing belt or chain, the valve(s) will bend or break. When they introduced the YD25 engine, that Duplex chain was replaced with a single row. A Basic Guide to Engine Valve Failure. Cost of repairing engines after a cam belt goes depends on whether when the cam stopped turning and the crank kept turning the valves collided with the pistons. When the timing chain has slack it can throw the pistons and valves into more of an interpretive jazz dance. replace the belts and try to rotate the engine using the crankshaft. The BMW timing chains most commonly break on the 1,3 and 5 series, affecting the N47D20A and the. How to tell if valves are bent after timing chain broke. This code is only set once the engine has revved past 2800rpm or after a certain running duration. Volvo While Timing Broke Driving Belt. So, you have done a cylinder leak down test and confirmed, valve leakage. cab DD Joined Aug 3, 2007 402 Posts #4 · Feb 22, 2009. Vehicle vibration, friction, squeaking and rattling are. Learn how much it should cost to replace a timing belt and when you should replace it. Your car's make and model will cause the price to go up or down according to how difficult the replacement process is. I replaced my belts every 60k, but guess what gave out, the timing belt tensioner, not the belt. 00-60 bucks you can also use a rag or toilet paper to plug up the spark plugs holes and crank it of. Garage unsure of the labour or work involved. 9L's common failure of cracked heads. Discussion Starter · #8 · Jun 28, 2003. Mechanic is telling me the timing chain is broke and it bent all the valves and it needs a new engine. Thankfully I was at idle so it only needs 8 new exhaust valves, 4 intake valves, a new timing belt, about $1,500 in labor and a few cam gears. I really don't know if these are interference engines, and I'm sorry that your engine is going to be the one from which we learn this. What is the real difference: So, in an interference engine, if a timing belt breaks the engine might be severely damaged. You can also have your vehicle checked for cylinder damage. Timing belts are made out of rubber and nylon, unlike a timing chain which looks a lot like a bicycle chain. FYI if your lazy like I was, I cut a small section out of the lower cooling Fin just above the tensioner so I could remove it without removing the top end. These plastic pieces can become fully detached from metal surfaces over time thus enabling metal-to-metal contact of the timing chain and metal carriers guides were attached to. also broke on of the lifter trays on the driver side. A constant tick-tick, that is the same on start-up as when warm is most likely tapets. If you want to go cheap cheap, buy some valves online and a cheap valve spring compressor. After going over everything the only thing I can come up with is a bent intake valve. No more bent valves because the belt broke and the valves went ping ping ping against the combustion chamber. Either it's not timed properly, or the chain tensioner broke, or the cam position sensor is defective, or the cam position sensor shutter wheel is damaged. You would need special tools such as a compression tester, air compressor and possibly even a back-pressure gauge to determine if the valves are bent. Within the walls of your engine you'll find a delicate and perfectly choreographed ballet of metal and oil. In the process I broke the stupid gear on the oil pump, so after getting it all back together, I had no oil. We created this art by deciding to set ourselves apart from all the other intercoolers on the market and go with CNC billet machined end tanks. well about 2 weeks ago my timing chain broke and I bent 8 pushrods after the push rods were replaced along with the timing chain my stang . This is not a rare problem with sliding gates. If a valve is seriously burnt, it must be replaced. Remove the valve cover and see if the timming chain is still around the cam gear, if it is then turn the engine over and see if the valve train moves, if the timming chain has broken then its a good bet that some of the valves are bent. I know its possible, but seems highly unlikely. In a 20 valve interference type engine such as this I suspect you bent more than just 4 valves and the repairs were far from complete. saturnz said: just fit a cambelt and turn the motor manually a few times, if nothing touches you should be okay. ) - you will end up damaging some of the valves. Sounds like defective chains which is not limited to just the GM SUV's , its all their products with the 3. Also, the other end of the crank locking tool is made to find and center this hole. Hello Audi people! I'm new here, kind of out of desperation. They can walk as the belt is seated on the sprockets. 4L was running a bit rough for a couple of days and then after driving it for 30 minutes and the car sitting for an hour, it wouldn't start anymore. The chain broke on it last year and I am just now getting around to repairing it. Two identical cars, both with interference engines. 1 piston (not a Top Dead Center) at 6 degree. timing belt was fine and like new. bent push rods could have been caused when the chain broke and not from the chain been replaced wrong or the timing out. Is the valve bent, is the lifter broken, is the pushrod tip burned up? If you check the valve lash religiously, you can spot these problems before they cause further damage. if you didn't completely destroy avalve, it should run, it'll just idle rough, put should smooth out after like 3,000 rpm. Pistons may be okay, the marks arent terrible. I think the PD engine has flat valves so they get hammered back into the head so its not as easy to see. 180 degrees to top marks, not moving the crank, and put the belt back on. Thus, sure at a shop this job could go into the $700 range easy and none of it is that hard to do. You may get lucky, but you may need to pull the heads to replace some valves. If the chain breaks you've got a serious problem. In my case, the $40 belt part broke, left me stranded, caused a chain reaction of issues, and will cost me at minimum $2000 for damage like bent valves. Just go to any junk yard and find a used deawoo lanos and pull the head if timing belt was not broke, if it looks good, its a exact fit 100%, no special tools needed, just normal wrench set and torqe wrench. Checking for Bent Valves – Broken Timing Belt. , the plaintiffs say they were forced to pay for expensive timing chain repairs which happened to fall ever-so-conveniently just outside of Nissan's warranty period. Make sure you fully understand the cam timing procedure to make sure you don't damage the pistons or the valves during the process. started taking apart to replace timing chain. Then they back off 10% to 15% and establish that as a guideline. The metal chain will begin to rattle during use, and is a sure sign that it is not properly tensioned and needs an immediate adjustment. Chain has been rubbing along metal part of the tensioner. Interference engine+broken belt=bent valves. 3= zetec and it should say it on the valve cover. Replacing the timing chain is a three step process. Ecoboost Piping & Intercooler Upgrade The MAP Ecoboost Mustang intercooler is a fabricated piece of art. With the seat stuck back, it was nearly impossible to get to the two rear bolts. Timing chain and sprokets and cam sproket bolt needed to be replaced along with gaskets, balancer bolt, chain actuator and valve. At a minimum, pull the engine ut, pull the head off, check the piston crowns for any valve marks, have all the valves checked for any deformation to the stems, rebuild the engine, replace the timing chain unit and put it back together. The part BENT VALVES again seems somewhat non-understandable. I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that you will have no bent valves. Problems with the crankshaft position sensor will often present as problems with engine timing. A broken timing belt can cause severe damage like bent valves. Crank turns freely and I haven't found any sludge or carbon build up under the valve cover. The belt simply keeps pistons and. 0787") valve setting lift as the reference point for cam events timing; tolerance on timing is + or - 2. Get a new belt on there and do a leak down test to see if your have any issues. If SI diagnosis does not isolate the cause of this concern, technicians should inspect for valve operation. Once the timing chain breaks, the end result is usually the valves smacking the pistons which bend the valves, damages the pistons and leads to. You need to find out if the chain is broken 1st. Sunk into the cold, dark depths of the sea, the Darkest Faerie was forgotten. Obviously this would cover other items as well. the bolt itself is a simple metric 10x125. I was just curious if there is more obvious way to show them that the valves are bent since he didn't know how to inspect valves alone. If you are lucky you might get away with a few bent. It is mostly not possible that the valves got BENT. Step 3 Remove the cover of the engine valves to allow you to look at them. Quick and easy wat to determine bent valves without taking the head off on your interference engine. The other method is the timing chain method which is normally found in standard cars and in high-performance vehicles. It was not a hard job to replace these. Our car has 49,000 miles on it and the timing chain broke damaging the valves and head. In my research- I agree, it most probably does not use a timing belt but chains. How do tell if the valve are bent , do I have to remove them? Also does it matter which position I put the cam back on I forgot to mark position. Vanos, timing chain, and chain guide removed Vanos cleaned Vacuum and oil pump drive system removed Closer at the oil pump drive damage Bent cog vs new Chain guide damage from chain tension An oversight on my part but there are subtle differences between some N54 hubs and sprockets. If this part is damaged, you may find yourself facing a serious problem - replacing it is very complicated and requires many hours of work, leading to big bills at the mechanic's. Clanging would be more appropriate in those cases. If the timing belt broke on a 1999 dodge stratos could the valves be bent? Yes, when the belt failed valves may have been open when the piston came up. The odds that it has damage is almost 100%. Timing Chain Replacement 08 5. So if the cam has a gross valve lift of 0. The crankshaft keyway must be clocked at 2:00. belts need to be changed every 60,000 km at around $800 at a mechanics or up to $1500 at a holden service centre. Problems with the front lower suspension arms are quite common for most Range Rover Sport models. 1 Noise - A good indication that a timing chain has jumped is going be noise. Nothing moved inside on the engine, so they assumed it was a broken timing belt. My advice is to do this 1st, then run a compression test to make sure no valves were bent. It did not penetrate the piston but I am replacing the piston anyway. Bent Valves and Other Common Issues After a Timing Belt Snaps Ignoring your timing belt can come with a high cost. 5 litre diesel), or a Pathfinder with a 2. Everything is off the engine now except the front timing cover. It took him another week of only showing up part time to get the head off and get it to Schmidt automotive on the east side of Indy (which is an who ended up repairing Sparks. Typically, for a timing belt, that's after 60,000-100,000 miles. New valves,locks,guides, seats, rockers & lifters are installed in every engine to eliminate valve train noise & failure. The story of how it broke down: Previous. 7 Dodge Ram, timing chain broke. The timing chain breaks in most reported instances around the 35K-40K mile range. 5 litre diesel, there is an issue with these engines with some that you really need to be aware of and that is premature engine timing chain failure. Here are Some Possible Causes for an EVAP Code or an EVAP Leak: Missing or loose fuel cap. This time all sorts of things were destroyed, though the case could be welded up where the rod had sawed a new slot. Moreover, you can bring your vehicle to a car care shop for a leak-down cylinder test or a valve-gap check. The dealership told me to replace the entire engine. Then remove the timing pin access plug from the injection pump and verify if the slot in the pin will fit over the timing tooth of the pump. Service Engine Soon – Your vehicles ECM may or may not have enough input from the engines sensors to detect that the timing chain has jumped. Vents and windows are easy to ignore when you're getting ready to go. This is a known problem all over the internet. you can hear the backfire from the air intake. Hell of it is, after I had the heads off and guides and valves replaced, within a year the head of an exhaust broke off and fell in, which did a number on the motor for sure. Chain Broke told I needed to rebuild or replace my head. The damage occurs when the valve(s) hit the piston(s). With a cold engine I had the following numbers:В 160, 165, 165, 168. teeth go first then the belt shredds appart says the mechanic. If there is no compression with new chain than it is possible you. How much and if it is too much would require some disassembly. then plug the air hose onto the end. So I am sure I will be here asking butt loads of questions soon. So after replacing the cable, I installed spacers under the seat supports. I took it to the dealership and after $2300 in diagnostics they are telling me my timing chain guides broke and the chain jumped a tooth. Sounds Like Trouble: A Quick Guide to.