how to dissolve liquid lecithin. Step 2 Increase the water to 1 1/2 tablespoons if you're replacing a whole egg, rather than a yolk. The Red Fat Dissolve – Nano. To dissolve powdered lecithin for cooking purposes is a straightforward process. Shake in the lecithin while blending to dissolve and distribute it. You may just need more mechanical . Probably the best way to get a lot of lecithin easily is to take lecithin granules. After thoroughly mixing all the ingredients, bake the goods as per the recipe's instructions. Get bulk lecithin from National Lecithin. Flaxseed oil 1 tbsp (14 grams) a day in liquid or pill form. In fact one gram granulated lecithin is equal to about 6 grams of those liquid kind. Label friendly - nature-derived emulsifier with good familiarity, especially for soy; Plant based - sourced exclusively from plants and is available in soy, sunflower and rapeseed (canola) Broad functionality - good emulsifying and stabilizing properties in various applications, suitable for wide range of consumer products. Your smartphone doesn't need any of the liquid trapped between its chassis and its case. In this way fatty powders can dissolve easily even in cold liquids. SternInstant is suitable for milk powders including whole, skim, coffee . Add the lecithin and shake to dissolve. Other requirements include that. Dissolve 1 1/2 tablespoons of lecithin granules in 2 teaspoons of water for each egg yolk called for in a recipe. Does this look off? Should I ditch this and try something else?. Dissolve the selegiline hydrochloride in the purified water. Dissolve oils and fats or other samples containing large amounts of fat in ether or make a fine suspension and precipitate out the lecithin with 4 to 5 volumes ice-cold acetone (in which a spatula tip of calcium chloride or magnesium chloride is dissolved). 2-5% liquid lecithin (I use lecithin as an emolient thus the %) My challenge is getting the lecithin to fully dissolve, hold the water and not separate. Typically, an emulsion is a suspension of small droplets of one liquid in another liquid with which it is incapable of mix-ing. I don't worry about this when making . Add 1/2 teaspoon of liquid lecithin or one tablespoon of granules to one cup of fruit smoothies. Lecithin supplements can also be used to treat high cholesterol and digestive issues, and to prevent clogged milk ducts, during breast-feeding. So when might lecithin come in handy when cooking with cannabis? Whenever you need to emulsify or bind a fat to a liquid. of non-GMO lecithin granules to your morning smoothie or glass of juice daily. Measure 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of lecithin granules for every cup of flour in a recipe. It is easier to do the liquid conversion first, followed by the granules or powder lecithin. mcg 60 or 120 Fast Dissolve Tablets - PipingRock B12 B 12 Piping Rock. Dissolve To How Liquid Lecithin. Can be mixed with food; take in the morning. Liquid lecithin is a viscous, brown liquid containing at least 62% phospholipids. The problems: Even when it seems to start working, my mixture often liquifies the moment I remove the source of agitation (a hand mixer). Then they tried dissolving them by . Flush the lipid solution with a stream of N 2 gas in order to remove the bulk of the organic solvent. The ratio of liquid lecithin to use in a froth, foam, or air is about 1% by weight. Also – it is not that good in thickening high alkaline products, it is incompatible with metal ions. Simply whisk lecithin into the oil (1/2 teaspoon per. Liquid Soy Lecithin เลซิธินถั่วเหลืองชนิดเหลว ขนาด 1 ลิตร (05-7470) Emulsifier สำหรับขนมปัง เค้ก ขนมอบ และไอศครีม เพื่อเพิ่มผิวสัมผัสที่ดีให้กับเนื้อขนม . Phosolipids are indespensable components of cell membranes and also natural emulsifiers, helping fat dissolve in water. Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. Let it dissolve without stirring and then stir it in. Dissolve the soy lecithin in hot water. 5–5%; the CIR limits its use to 15% or less in leave-on products. Another story I read said that they couldn't dissolve the granules in water by stirring for a long time. Liquid Sunflower Lecithin is a natural fat emulsifier that can help to reduce the "stickiness" of the milk and deter fats from clumping together. Lecithin to dissolve fat deposits. Just add half or one teaspoon of lecithin granules to the liquid ingredients and let it dissolve. Lecithin: Appearance: It can be purchased in dry granules or in liquid form (the liquid is a dark amber colour). Prepare the baked goods and bake them until done. How to Use Lecithin for Baking. Learn some facts about liquid asphalt. I recommend the use of an (electric) mixer. Well, I gradually whisked the lecithin in hot/warm coconut oil and it dissolved fairly quickly, I'd say under 10 minutes, but it looks REALLY dark brown. Briefly, soybean oil was mixed with MCT, lecithin, and ethanol. Finally, mix all the components. Then proceed with the recipe like normal. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. Lecithin In Cannabis Edibles: Why You Need It. Next, dissolve the lecithin in the liquid ingredients. Keep in mind, this is just coconut oil and soy lecithin. Decomposition and excretion of adipocytes. >80°C, this may happen easily if you don’t use water bath). It can be blended into liquids of any temperature and begins working right away. Beside above, how much lecithin do I use for baking? Take around ½ to 1 tsp of lecithin for every cup of flour. Therefore you get higher quality lecithin using the granulated kinds. That could be anywhere from 4 to 8 teaspoons of lecithin granules. I tried adding lecithin to water phase but I ended up with chunks. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved lecithin under 21 CFR Part 184 — Direct Food. Dissolve the lecithin in the liquid. Is liquid lecithin soluble in water? These fatty acids are oil soluble, meaning they'll dissolve in oil, but not water. A yellow precipitate is obtained. Can I Put Lecithin In My Coffee? – Trung Nguyen. Typically, an emulsion is a suspension of small droplets of one liquid in another liquid with which it is incapable of mixing. The Society is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts. 2) In water bath melt cocoa butter and beeswax with marigold oil. Fluid Lecithin - available in Soya Lecithin Liquid & Sunflower Lecithin Liquid forms - is a key ingredient used in various food applications. They won't dissolve, but rather will drift about as you drink. Liquid capital is a crucial part of maintaining stability in the face of an economic crisis. Add oil and blend just until emulsified and slightly thickened. Looking to remove soy lecithin from your product in an effort to improve your ingredient label? Consider canola or sunflower lecithin as an . Dissolve the lecithin granules in the liquid ingredients. Alireza Shirkhani Lecithin dissolves in water to form micelles, liposomes. We are professional Chinese SOYA LECITHIN LIQUID factory,which supplying GMO and NON-GMO soya lecithin liquid & powder,and PC series . Good luck - personally, on the infrequent occasion that I need lecithin these days, I just stick to the granules. Or 2 tsp granular form twice a day before meals. 1) I put the granules in the water phase of the recipe and let 1 hour to dissolve. Strain the liquid in order to get rid of all dissolved particles of lecithin Add 1 dl of water and mix using blender • The mixture becomes a mayonnaise-like, a very beautiful shiny cream. Lecithin is a source of B vitamins, including choline and inositol, and greatly helps increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A. This video was created for educational purposes only, as part of our course of Structure and Properties of Food and Biological Materials. Sodium hydroxide (25% solution) a few drops to adjust the pH. Soy Lecithin is a brownish colored viscous liquid which is obtained while refining of Soy oil at the water degumming stage. Swirl or stir the mixture until the lecithin dissolves or becomes suspended in the water. dissolve the residue in 5 ml of water and 5 ml of nitric acid. 2) After 1 hour the granules are dissolve The ratio of liquid lecithin to use in a froth, foam, or air is about 1% by weight. Lecithin will never dissolve in either water, nor oil. The consistency is of whole milk, perfectly blended, but then when I heat it, it splits again, but while cold form, it’s stays combined for days in the fridge. Adding lecithin to edibles is an easy and straightforward process. 2) After 1 hour the granules are dissolved. I'm trying to produce a stable, high-viscosity oil-in-glycerin emulsion using lecithin and MCT oil. May 09, 2008 · 1 C liquid lecithin 1 T of melted shea butter A few squirts of jojoba oil A few drops essential oil for scent. How do you take lecithin? Lecithin is very easy to use. Dissolve the lecithin in the liquid ingredients (Ex: milk). Fractionated Lecithin (PC-Enriched Fluid Lecithin, PC-Concentrates and Isolates). He cautions against Lecithin Powder which may be altered therefore may be not pure lecithin. Lecithin granules are "deoiled", which concentrates the active components in the lecithin. Warm water is important since lecithin does not dissolve very well in cold water. Whisk the lecithin into the soup or sauce until thickened, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Lecithin powder vs granules: The lecithin granules take longer than powder to dissolve completely. Reply Rose de Guzman May 17, 2020 5:36 pm. I increased the lecithin by 3 times and leave it “cure” in the fridge for at least an hour in apple juice to get the lecithin to dissolve in the juice. Removing oils from a substance isn't particularly easy to do, . How to dissolve liquid lecithin in water. This active ingredient used in the Fat Flush Weight Loss Formula, stimulates the production of bile–a fluid that breaks down fatty deposits in the liver so they can be easily eliminated from the body. For this reason, it is a popular addition to confectionery and baked goods. Liquid sunflower lecithin How to dissolve lecithin granules. Lecithin in Edibles Making: When, Why and How to Use It. Alternatively, extract directly 3. There's an abundance of substances that are difficult to dissolve in a . 1 cup vegetable oil ( use one with a smoke point above 400°) Mix in a blender or food processor until smooth. Add one teaspoon of granules or a half-teaspoon of liquid lecithin per one . Combine a few teaspoons of lecithin, until dissolved, with the liquids in a bread . I had good success just adding the scoop of lecithin to a small amount of water and whisking it until fully dissolved before adding it into the gummy solution. Measure 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of lecithin granules for each cup of flour in a recipe. It also dissolves cholesterol into very tiny drops, then the body can use the fat and cholesterol as food and to make hormones. ADM Lecithin As an emulsifier, soy lecithin is used in food applications as an aerating agent, viscosity modifier, dispersant and lubricant. Bring the water to a boil and integrate the sugar until dissolved. Liquid soy lecithin has a very high viscosity and can be more difficult to handle than the powdered version but works great in emulsifying liquids and keeping them together. Dissolve the precipitate in ether and analyse 14, 19. It also contains some oil and free fatty acids that contribute to the ‘beany’ flavour commonly associated with liquid lecithin. Temperature:Soy lecithin dissolves best in warm or room-temperature liquid, though it should function at any temperature. You have to hydrate lecithin with water (up to twice the lecithin weight) and let it hydrate. Lecithin Liquid is a phospholipid* emulsifier suited to water in oil, or oil in water, emulsions depending on temperature and ra. You lecithin should fully hydrate and swell before you can proceed. There isn't much information out there on this. When you’re ready to serve the foam, put the immersion blender back into the liquid. You should whisk or blend the foam to get the air bubbles to form. How to Use Lecithin as an Emulsifier. Mixing method: Dissolve in oil by heating 80 degrees, then mix with water. The powdered lecithin had more of the hydrophilic properties which means it can be dissolved in water easily. Lecithin 2 capsules of 19 grains (1,200 mg) each twice a day. Dissolve the lecithin in the liquid ingredients. However, if the recipe does not call for a specific amount, a good rule of thumb is to add 1 teaspoon of lecithin per 1 cup of liquid. In a blender or food processor, place lecithin and water and the next 5 ingredients; blend for a few seconds. Soy lecithin is a ubiquitous ingredient in many processed meals, but there is a great deal of dispute regarding how nutritious it is in general. What temp does lecithin dissolve? 140°F. There’s no difference between lecithin and 3 fatty acids in the structure of the food, but rather than the fatty acid 3, lecithin has a phosphate group, which gives it the ability to dissolve, in water, without turning into alcohol. Let it sit in the (cold/room temp) juice or water for an hour prior to use and stir it at the very end. You could use a small amount of lecithin to replace the lecithin in the egg yolks, but you will loose a majority of the fat and all of the protein in the recipe by doing this. Of course, their formation begins with the dissolution of the molecule, and then, with an increase in. Step 2 Add one teaspoon of granules or a half-teaspoon of liquid lecithin per one. mixing a liquid lecithin with active carbon to form a . There was sediment, so I filtered it . Next, mix the lecithin powder into the liquid ingredients necessary for the recipe to dissolve the compound. This step would take up to half and hour till the lecithin is completely hydrated. The best lecithin is pure lecithin granules which contain over 95 percent phosphatides and about 2 percent soybean oil. 50% butter 35-38% oil/emolients /cetyl alcohol 2-5% liquid lecithin (I use lecithin as an emolient thus the %) My challenge is getting the lecithin to fully dissolve, hold the water and not separate. Lecithin’s structure makes it an effective emulsifier for the in-. This is the most important step. 1- In a beaker blend lecithin and 5-6% of the hydrosol. That makes the lecithin slide off more easily, and you only need to clean off the grease afterward (i. While you are waiting for the lecithin to dissolve, set up 9 small test tubes and 6 large test tubes that are clean and dry. Lecithin is a natural emulsifier made from sunflower seeds, consists of phospholipids with a water soluble polar head, which dissolves well in water, . Liquid vs Powdered Soy Lecithin. In a small bowl, dissolve lecithin in 2 tablespoons water. I increased the weed oil by 1 tablespoon. At the very end I heated up my 1-3/4c with 4 Tbsp lecithin granules (smashed into powder) to dissolve. care applications, fractionated lecithin provides increased water dispersibility, enhanced emulsification and suspension properties, and can serve as an anti-crystallization agent. Bakeries add lecithin to bread and other baked goods to improve doughs and batters, or to keep them from staling. Use of lecithin as an emulsifier in cosmetics · Dissolve lecithin, preferably in oil · Pure water is the safest liquid in lecithin emulsion. In the diet, lecithin is the main source of choline, a nutrient similar to the B vitamins. So for every 100 grams of liquid. This stuff works really well; better than shortening. Again, for powders or granules, you should convert that to 65% or. Does heat destroy lecithin?. [0004] Methods for removing PAHs from liquids have been described in the art. Lecithin also contains Phosphatidial . Dry the remaining lipid further under vacuum for 30 min. NOW ® Sunflower Liquid Lecithin is soy-free and non-GMO. Mix with up to 4 gallons (15 L) of water and strain through cheesecloth. How to make an O/W emulsion with Lecithin. Weigh the liquid to be foamed & measure out the appropriate amount of lecithin. Lecithin is a fatty acid chain that is built from the base structure of choline and phosphate group called the . American Lecithin also offers organic lecithins under the Natural Organic Program (NOP). Most liquids can be kept at this stage for several hours. How to dissolve lecithin granules – part III – in water, HEUREKA! · 1) I put the granules in the water phase of the recipe and let 1 hour to . The product is difficult to handle and will not readily dissolve in water. It is commonly used in bread, bakeries, chocolates, biscuits, wafers, margarine, pastries, instant food mixes, whipped creams, etc. Pour Vodka into a jar with a screw on lid. So for every 100 grams of liquid that you are foaming, you should add 1 gram of liquid lecithin. That's it! If the idea of Vodka bothers you, you can use vegetable oil, corn oil or canola oil. US4174296A US05/965,998 US96599878A US4174296A US 4174296 A US4174296 A US 4174296A US 96599878 A US96599878 A US 96599878A US 4174296 A US4174296 A US 4174296A Authority US United States Prior art keywords lecithin oxide water liquid tertiary amine Prior art date 1978-12-04 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Here's what you need to know about buying liquid nitrogen. When the liver is clear of excess. Beeswax needs around 64°C (147°F) to dissolve, pay attention to not overheat (e. Soy Lecithin is an amphiphilic substance. For each egg yolk needed in a typical recipe, you need to mix 1½ tablespoons of sunflower lecithin with two. Dissolve the lecithin within the liquid elements. For emulsions, it is blended into the liquid before the oil is added. As a result, sunflower lecithin is recommended as an alternative. It's what's called an 'amphiphilic' molecule - one half of it is attracted to . Water is considered acceptable if the powder solubility is < 5 g powder in 1 kg of water. Glycerol was dissolved in water, into which the ethanolic phase was slowly added under moderate . The add just a small part of your oil phase (as . I tried dissolving lecithin in oil first but it didn't hold as much as 10% water. The gums (hydratable phosphatides) are heated under vacuum to remove the moisture. Can you cook lecithin granules? Liquid lecithin doesn't need to be dissolved to be used where powder and granules . Most Internet recipes call for soaking the lecithin granules in water overnight. Grease up your spoons, preferably with something reasonably solid at room temperature like coconut oil, butter, or margarine. Finally, is there any problem with using "soy lecithin" supplements? The granulated lecithin type are often soy type. Prepare the baked goods as you normally would and bake them until done. Add 5 ml of ammonium molybdate TS and heat to boiling. Lecithin has become a popular supplement especially with regard to improving cholesterol levels as well as improving the functions of the nervous and circulatory systems. Put the liquid in the whipping container. Adding the compound to eggless baking and vegan options is slightly different. Lecithin granules can also be used as a topping on. Store tightly sealed in the refrigerator for up to a year. Just pure liquid Lecithin which is a derivitive of Soy Beans. Peppermint oil 2 capsules (containing 0. Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C - You can make this at Home :. But the oils will not dissolve the lecithin. Lecithin helps smooth the texture of food items such as chocolate and margarine and makes instant foods easy to dissolve. water soluble soya lecithin Tianjin Hexiyuan Soya LecithinTechnology Co. To use as a dough conditioner, add ½ to 1 teaspoon of lecithin granules for every cup of flour in a recipe. 2017-09-30 · Next, dissolve the lecithin in the liquid ingredients. Hi Annabelle, I believe the best would be if you used only salt for thickening your castille soap – use about 1 teaspoon to 8 oz of soap. Dissolve oils and fats in ether and precipitate the lecithin quantitatively with acetone (after addition of saturated MgCl2 solution)11). Nature's Bounty Melatonin Quick Dissolve Tablets 3mg. Wetting agent: it helps the dusty substances to faster dissolve in the water; . 5 g of the sample, add 5 ml of diluted hydrochloric acid (1+1), heat in a water bath for 2 h, and filter. Liquid vs Powder Lecithin: Lessons in Lecithin. How to Make Excellent Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C (UPDATED) : · Griffin. Have you seen this strange word in an ingredient list and wondered what it was and why it was there? Here is the answer for what lecithin is . The liquid form contains up to 35% triglycerides, and is much easer to use. For infant or child health formulations no . Liquid and powder lecithins (whether it's soy or sunflower) have very different properties and despite what many think, they are not . 25 to 1 gram of soy lecithin would be used. A method of improving the solubility of lecithin comprises steps which include the step of mixing lecithin with a solubilizing agent selected from the group consisting of tertiary amine oxides,. It can be found in many foods, including soybeans and egg yolks. If you have liquid lecithin just mix it with rose water directly. , Ltd, was founded in 2011 with three factory in china, head factory is located in D. Mostly, I get a slightly viscous fluid that seems semi-stable. You can buy Liquid Lecithin in most health food stores. The difference between the liquid and granular lecithins are strength. Lecithin is used in foods as a viscosity modifier, dispersant, and lubricant. 1 g of lecithin to a small beaker and add about 25 mL of deionized water. available in liquid, granular and powder form. 87 Dry lecithin is used in commercial applications of food systems where liquid lecithin is more difficult to 88 handle and the powdered or granular lecithin is more easily incorporated. Bake the goods using the normal directions that the recipe states. Simply dissolve the soy lecithin in the liquid ingredients and prepare as usual. If the texture isn’t as good as it could be, add some more lecithin to the next batch of your edible of choice. Soy lecithin acts as an emulsifier in baked goods. Egg yolk replacement: Dissolve 1 ½ tablespoons of lecithin granules in 2 teaspoons of liquid for each egg yolk called for in a recipe. If you are using powder or granular lecithin, you need 65% of the liquid conversion. It is also often used with other stabilizers and thickeners such as xanthan gum for added effect. What is liquid capital and how does it impact your financial security?. Liquid lecithins, including softgels, are frequently diluted with soy oil to make it fluid enough to flow through the machinery. All Answers (6) Alireza Shirkhani Lecithin dissolves in water to form micelles, liposomes. Pure water is the safest liquid in lecithin emulsion Boiled water is the safe choice for Lecithin emulsified creams. Texture: Waxy granules or a smooth, viscous, syruppy liquid. When baking dough, using soy lecithin results in a softer and finer end product. I have gotten lecithin granules (from Bulk Barn LOL) to dissolve in water or soy milk with an immersion blender, but the liquid stuff (also . About 2 TPSP coconut oil and 1. Soy Lecithin (Soy Bean Oil, Liquid Lecithin). (here 20g of the granules and 40g of the distilled water). 0% ratio by weight, so for every 100 grams of liquid, 0. Ingredients: 2 oz lecithin granules. enabling them to dissolve in cold water (a polar solvent). Chemical characteristics, product attributes, classifications and labeling criteria in this brochure refer to American Lecithin soy-based. Beef and sheep brains are also an excellent source of lecithin, but don't expect me to recommend them. How to make liquid lecithin from granules. Lecithin is a sticky yet slippery liquid that looks and feels like a cross between a medium heavy oil and a non-sweet syrup. We don't recommend granular lecithin for cooking because the granules are too big to dissolve evenly in most dishes. How do you dissolve lecithin granules? How do you use liquid sunflower lecithin? Does lecithin help eczema? Is lecithin good for hair growth? What is the . the degradation of dissolved lipophilic bioactive components in transparent products. You can even use lecithin in your homemade salad dressing as an emulsifier to help the oil and vinegar to blend perfectly with other ingredients. 89 90 Approved Legal Uses of the Substance: 91 92 The U. Is sunflower lecithin an emulsifier?. Dissolve 1 g of soybean total extract (20% lecithin) in 3 mL of chloroform. Oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O) are the two pri-mary types of emulsions. KEYWORDS: sunflower lecithin, Tween 20, peppermint oil . it is sometimes awkward to get the powder to dissolve smoothly, . Of course, their formation begins with the dissolution of the . Cleaning lecithin off yourself and your utensils. It is much easier to get the result you want by dissolving lecithin in oil first and then add the liquid to it. However, powder lecithin dissolves faster . Lecithin reduces the surface tension between the liquid and the powder so that the powder dissolves evenly. To make a lecithin foam, take a flavorful liquid and whisk or blend in the lecithin. After dissolving, you can go ahead and mix the dough as usual. Selecting the liquid The fi rst criteria for the liquid used for the particle size analysis is that the particles do not dissolve, swell, or otherwise change chemically in the liquid. Like lecithin granules, you might need to dissolve them before you can use them in cooking or baking. 3) When you mix it after, it looks like this (without oils) - please, note, that you do not have to mix it prior to adding oils, if you are making a cream or a lotion. The only way I've been able to clean surfaces or utensils coated with the lecithin itself is lots and lots and lots of warm water and paper towels. Stir the granules quickly into juice or milk. For foams, try using a concentration of about 0. When using it is as a dough conditioner add around 1 teaspoon of lecithin to every cup of flour used in a recipe. The emulsion requires particularly strong whipping. 11 cups sparkling water, tonic or club soda. How do you make emulsion with lecithin?. You will need to find other replacements to get the same structure Reply Bri January 14, 2022 4:41 pm. 5 of 400) becomes 6 grams of liquid lecithin. I usually mix 1/2 cup of soaked cashews to 2 cups of water and blend in a nutribullet until smooth, then add 1 teaspoon of sunflower lecithin and reblend. Oil in water and water in oil are the two primary types of emulsions. This idea is correct, however, by soaking in water you end up lowering the amount of vitamin C that will be encapsulated. The RED feature: The RED is different from us: the world’s first addition of highly concentrated vitamin B12 and other active ingredients for rapid fat decomposition, promote rapid fat decomposition, and quickly exclude it from the body. Cargill’s fractionated soy lecithin is available in both deoiled and fluid forms. Soy Lecithin will not dissolve in water but is soluble in fats/oils and . How To Dissolve Liquid Lecithin. If you need thicker product, add more salt. Fearn Liquid Lecithin, 32 fl oz. 3) When you mix it after, it looks like this (without oils) – please, note, that you do not have to mix it prior to adding oils, if you are making a cream or a lotion. The acyl-chain portion in the molecule constitutes a hydrophobic region, the phosphate moiety constitutes a hydrophilic region. Solution, in chemistry, a homogenous mixture of two or more substances in relative amounts that can be varied continuously up to what is called the limit of solubility. Of course, their formation begins with the dissolution of the molecule, and then, with an increase in concentration,. Why and How to Use Lecithin in Baking and Cooking. Merely set aside the amount of lecithin powder you’ll need. When your goods are finished it’s time for a taste test. Use this solution as the test solution. Natural and Organic Lecithin Lecithin is the unique all-natural emulsifier. It has a versatile function as an emulsifier, wetting agent. Soy lecithin is well-known for being extensively processed, with producers often using solvents to remove it from soybeans. Lecithin dissolves fat into very tiny drops. Compare that to liquid lecithin which contains approximately 61 percent phosphatides and about 37 percent soybean oil. I never had success with Xanthan gum in thickening liquid soap.