fitech timing curve. From sea level to 7,200 feet over the Sierra Mountains. Get all your numbers in there to build your desired timing curve . Get the EFI installed and running well before you make the switch to controlled timing. FiTech EFI ok lets try this. I can change my timing curve with springs and weights, Fitech does it at the push of a button, much easier. It's awesome that the FiTech can control timing at this price point, more than a digital interpolation of a mechanical advance curve. Hence why there is a setup procedure for the distributor Installation that "locks" and "unlocks" the ignition timing "from" the ECU. I am currently running a Fitech EFI system with an HEI distributor. In fact, the first of the mechanical variety appeared on French aircraft in the early 1900s, but. As long as the fitech has 12+ volts and 58 psi at all times, it works like a charm. What are the default values for a LS motor ? Attached are pictures. Big learning curve but thats a fantastic system. Most of skeleton signals that do timing curves that this fitech fuel . When I inquired to FiTech sales tech line looking for a recommendation. timing the easiest way the panhead amp flathead site. If I'm using timing control on my FiTech EFI, why do I need to buy to digitally control the timing curve on a small or big block Chevy. FiTech Performance Fuel System Parts Manual. If base timing isn't measured, almost any car can pass with heavily retarded timing. Page 1/11 Engine Performance Curve Gm - ModApkTown Performance-Curve. Timing currently set at 10 degrees base with FiTech advance at idle to 22. Wild, lumpy cams may require 24-30 degrees depending on the compression ratio, cylinder head port sizes, etc. I have never been too thrilled at the idle quality from either o. 5 to 15, and now it was holding a steady 30-degrees through the entire RPM range. If the distributor is not installed/set at/stabbed/referenced at the 12 degrees BTDC on the motor. The easy cure is to remove your dist and have it recurved, to fix it they have to take some space out of the cutout in the advance plate by welding up the slot and then. Fuel injection has been around for a long time. I take ABSOLUTELY ZERO CREDIT for the length of material you're about to read, however I have made a few comments in-text that you can see which I will highlight in green. It looks like I was pulling out 15*-16* after 4000 rpm. What I did was use performance trends engine software to plot a advance. Hi All, I was messing around today and checked my timing curve It seems wayyyy too advanced. Make sure you get the software on your computer so you can download and see every function. Feels like the power curve is where it should be now. Note from the curve we only ran the motor to 6,000 rpm with 18 degrees but stepped up to 6,300 rpm for the 23-degree run. You want it retarded so it still runs okay. The timing on ls engines tends to be far less than generation 1 sbc engines, but they will make more power with just a cam change and will turn some rpm. Changed that VR Advance 4000 from 17. Ignition and Timing: If you want to be able to control your ignition timing with the FiTech you can. If you have a mostly stock 302 in your Bronco, then use the Pertronix and get the 400HP Street version of the FiTech. I can change break points as well to get all in faster or later. Retard the timing in 2-degree increments until engine knock stops. This is not a self learning feature and will require tuning. The additional 5 degrees of ignition timing (from 18-23 degrees) resulted in a jump of over 50 hp at 6,000 rpm with the boost and relative power gains increasing with engine speed. 55 rear end Fitech GoEfi -> controlling ignition Cam: J. The timing control just ads an additional variable that can make troubleshooting much more difficult. Timing control allows you to program your initial timing and the distributor advance curve into the onboard ECU (computer) using the supplied handheld controller. According to Fitech, this eliminates the ability to control timing with the EFI system. I just installed a new Sniper EFI system on a '72 C10 (Dart headed 383 small block, 475 HP) for a customer of mine. that uses existing factory coil packs and sub harnesses. korman high performance parts for the bmw 2002. We now have a table of the average spark retard taken out at each timing point. Then operate open loop with a fuel . the inputs for the fitech will stack on top of the HEI timing curve. g going from 11:1 to 12:1 is there a point where the extra comp isnt helping from having to retard timing to compensate. FiTech's Ul-timate LS kit comes with a knock sensor control and is custom cam friendly. I can get the numbers if it becomes an question later, but my current issue is with starting. EFI kit with roots blower. With fuel injection and electronic control over the ignition, the ignition timing can easily move from roughly 10 degrees before top dead center (BTDC) to as much as 50 degrees BTDC under light load cruising situations. The problem comes from the duraspark factory timing curve that adds up to 30 deg of mechanical advance. All the fitech timing control does is eliminate the vacuum/mechanical advance in the distributor and control it electronically which has the added benefit of letting you tweak your timing curve without changing a bunch of springs etc. We're not using the timing control and it's running perfectly. EFI with a throttle body mounted ECU that has timing. An off-idle stumble can sometimes be cured with more initial timing. 1 4-Injector Throttle Body – Die Cast Finish 30003 1 Harness. I like the "little guy" - one of the reasons I went with FITech. 00 Products search Fuel Injection Throttle Body EFI LS Induction Port Injection Ultra Ram Master Kits Fuel Injection Accessories Fuel Delivery Force Fuel Systems Fuel Hose Kits In Tank Retrofit Kits EFI Fuel Tanks Fuel Pressure Regulators. 454 ci BBC Sniper Lean Stumble. The FiTech is the same as the Sniper. Electronic Adjustable Timing Controllers. Using these numbers, the rotor sweep is a full 40 degrees. The Ul-timate LS system will allow for both EV1, EV6, and truck injectors. Timing and fuel quality (octane) and compression ratio matters. I did mess with the centrifugal advance in the HEI to optimize the advance curve which really wakes these old engines up. Hello, I have a 408W and I am looking on some advice to find the best advance curve/timing for it. The decay adjustments shape that curve. Messages: 2,401 Likes Received: 1028. The timing curve should now be tuned. I have a pretty high horsepower 572 BBC with the biggest FiTech unit. timing is everything distributor. Just invest tiny become old to contact this on-line notice engine performance curve gm as competently as evaluation them wherever you are now. It allows the timing with boost to be adjusted to be less than non-boost conditions. This makes the timing curve between 22 degrees and 34 degrees between the 1,200rpm and 2,700 rpm range. FFR5148K MkII Roadster, Engine #4 - 331 CI 465 HP w/ FITECH Fuel Injection, . Have a question you want answered?. what are your thoughts on compression ratio vs timing? e. Best aftermarket EFI in "TBI" style(Holley, FItech, or. At first I thought that my balancer must be old enough to have slipped, but looking into it online it looks like there are 2 different timing pointers and balancers to match. Included are several timing curves that are each tailored for different camshafts final drive gearing and vehicle weight. Fitech, Fast, MSD, and Holley that incorporate complete timing control into a . I am considering the Daytona Sensors Ignition module. When I installed my Fitech I also installed . has anyone had this ? stays at initial setting, checked and made sure timing unlocked in handheld,map sensor is working, it was running fine . Usually it's at 0 degrees to negative 5 degrees. FiTech Fuel Injection reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. I have a LA mopar with a procharger and a Fitech, buy an MSD distributor and program the timing curve. At first, I was disappointed in the lack of timing control, but then, looking into it further, I realized that the FiTech timing control is only based on a 3 x 3 timing map with linear interpolation between points. I've installed a FiTech with timing and it seems to be working ok. OK for the past 7yrs I have lazily accepted that Good Enough was great and it really wasn't. I did the same thing with mine at first. I took pointers from the mad porter on tuning the timing curve. With EFI, you are able to use a more aggressive timing curve than you may be able to with a carburetor, because of the ability to control the air/fuel ratio at varying load and RPM. to start is correcting the ignition and ignition timing curve set up. How much should it be at ~1500rpm? Ok. From playing with it, it cannot run the timing below the value set in the base degrees value. He ended up reverting to a locked out MSD distributor and letting the FiTech control the timing curve. You want your idle timing 2-3 degrees above the base because the ecu will vary the timing to smooth the. Currently timing is controlled by my FiTech through an MSD distributor. NOT be a Timing Module installed. If a Power Adder system is used with timing control, the spark advance can be retarded when nitrous is used. I just checked the initial timing curve on my engine and the indicated advance is off of where it ought to be by about 20 degrees (advanced). frequently asked questions - ignition control - fitech. Power-up with a module installed will override the saved timing plot. I was just trying to see a dyno curve that really optimized low rpm timing for a Ford or Chevy large bore, low compression towing application. I know there are a lot of different variables but in this case we are wanting to raise the comp on a 383 ls1 running 98 octane fuel from 10. adjusting my MSD pro billet distributor timing curve either advance or retard from my . Uploaded files: You need to login to have access to uploads. Try the curve that gets all your timing in by 3000 rpm. There is no vacuum advance as the FiTech provides different time curves for WOT and cruise. I have the EFI set for 850 rpm idle but the ignition tries to advance starting at 800 rpm, I think they are fighting each other. Please Help With Basic Supercharging Boost,timing And Fuel. FiTech, other EFI companies, and I all recommend if you have a running engine with a conventional non ECU controlled distributor you keep it that way at first. I then programmed the ignition curve back in near what the stock settings were. EFI timing control is great because it will allow you to set the timing curve not only based on RMP, but also based on load (vacuum/MAP). I am trying to dial in the timing curve for my car. With the new air gap intake car pulls strong up through 6500 rpm and I get good low end from 1500 up. I trtied a differant aftermarket one and the Fitech did not like it. stays at initial setting, checked and made sure timing unlocked in handheld,map sensor is working, it was running fine at one time ,all … timing curve not working - timing curve not working - Electronic fuel injection tuning for automotive applications. In this video I go over how I phased my adjustable rotor and set the timing when I installed my Fitech fuel injection systemFiTech Rotor Phasing and Timing S. From there I setup my curve (18 idle, 23 initial, 32 all in, 35 for low lap at 1100 and 45 for the other two low map settings) and it runs awesome. The plan is to 'learn' a fuel\Timing curve with a closed loop. FiTech Fuel Injection TM Instruction Manual for the following Go EFI Systems , , , , , & This Quick Start Manual is designed to get you up and. timing curve to be correct for optimal throttle response. Make a couple of marks on your balancer and set timing to36 with the vacuum advance plugged and see how it runs with the springs. Timing advance to maximize cruise fuel economy. Justin, unfortunately, I got the Go Street EFI 400HP which is their de-contented one without timing control. The cam I have is 2200-5800 rpm and I know by setting the VR correctly it's going to be good, probably blow it up now, lol) Larry Click to expand Yup. It gives you the capability of modifying the timing curve based on manifold pressure (vacuum or boost). 16:39 Phasing and Timing Curve Affiliate Links Below: FiTech Power Adder 30004: . Once I got the timing to match the handheld, I reset the learn and drove it for about a half hour. Jeremy will walk you through setting up timing control on the FiTech SBC Chevy C10. With a HEI Distributor setup, your locked in on your initial timing and your timing curve. If your distributor isn't optimal then the Fitech can control the timing once you lock out the original distributor. In my case that was #4, On a chev its #6 (the 5th in the firing order). FiTech's kits offer timing control, but it is not required. You don't want it popping through the intake. I went with the "MeanStreet" as I wanted timing and nitrous control. Spoke to FiTech tech last Friday and got the IAC set right. The 36-degree 2500 rpm advance curve is optimum for performance, but may require premium fuel. So I pulled 5° (actual timing now is 17°) out of the 364 Holley turbo LS tune at 6-9 psi (I'm wastegated at 9 psi). Setup from the Calibration screen and enter in the following: #01) Distributor Base timing. If your #1 ends up next to the connection nub or against the fire wall remember that 180* away will also align with the timing marks. these distributors are fully adjustable to dial in the perfect timing curve for a multitude of engine combos''Frequently Asked Questions – Ignition Control – FiTech May 8th, 2018 - Ignition Timing Control Allows The Timing To Be Set To What The User Desires With RPM And Vacuum Without Having To Change Springs Weights Or Vacuum Advance Settings'. superchargeddrt Well-Known Member. Granatelli Motorsports This way, once you create a decent ignition curve, you can then optimize the . Hi Jeff, I know this is an old article, but I’ve been playing around with using vacuum advance along with ECU timing control. I my only problems with the Fitech were my own fault - one was having a weak battery, and a poor fuel delivery system. I've revised the curve on my computer, just haven't had a chance to upload to the ignition yet. Fitech 30002 Wiring Diagram. The factory engine torque curve is flat from 1500 . This system makes tuning your Supercharged engine easy! Bolt on 2 of these tough looking throttle bodies and drive your car as the system dials itself into the perfect calibration for all of your driving and. We couldn't be happier with the system. It has a full MSD ignition with mechanical advance only. Once you set your base timing, you can change your timing curve via the Fitech handheld screen at three RPM points. 73, UMI/Viking front suspension, PMT rear. If you want the FiTech to do fan control and ignition timing control, two more wires are provided. call the FiTech EFI Tech Line at (951)340-2624 ignition box functions as before and controls timing. What you have to watch is were the iniatial from the e curve starts. engine load computed by the O2 sensor and MAF sensor give the computer RPM and engine load data so that it controls the timing curve. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, FiTech Fuel Injection shall issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price. Then the injector/ignition timing will be off. My buddy tried using a Fitech in combination with the CB Performance #2094 MagnaSpark cranktrigger system and it wouldn't work worth a crap. I assume you have the one that is capable. Speedworks - X1 Intake Manifold for LS3 is ahead. your initial timing and the distributor advance curve into the onboard ECU (computer) using . For mild cams, an idle ignition timing advance of approximately 16-18 degrees will do. If you™re getting any audible knock, you MUST retard the timing. Apr 27, · thoughts on FITECH EFI The distributor wires connect into the crank sensor wires shown on the wiring diagram. frequently asked questions – ignition control – fitech. Repeat the procedure until no spark retard is detected. The sniper was not out yet when I purchased my FITech. EFI with a throttle body mounted ECU that has timing If I want to try a new ignition curve, play with the mixture, or you name it, . A curve can be created from the MAP Advance Curve graph on the upper right of the screen. With EFI, you are able to use a more aggressive timing curve than you may be able to with a carburetor, because of the ability to control . The Ultimate LS system will allow for both EV, EV6, and truck injectors with interchangeable injector harnesses. usual about the details of the optimal timing curve for my motorhome. From engineering data from the Ford Laboratories, the BSFC curve shows a minimum at 1900 rpm. Just pulled trigger on FiTech. Ignition Timing Control | Tech Tuesdays | EP5 Jeremy will walk you through setting up timing control on the FiTech SBC Chevy C10. Some enthusiasts feel that 10 -degrees initial is a maximum, but the reality is that performance engines with even a mild cam often prefer 14- to 16- degrees initial timing (and perhaps more) with a curve that quickly initiates after roughly 1,500 rpm. Lug the car around, and punch the throttle at low rpm while listening for detonation (fiengine knockfl). FiTech EFI Shorty headers into 2. FiTech EFI systems attempt to be as accommodating as possible for low-vacuum engines. If you've never done it, there is a bit of a learning curve, but nothing . Ordered Fitech Go Street and having second thoughts about not going with the timing control for extra $200. The Smaller Street 400 does not do timing control, but is rated at 400 HP. The Fitech makes it possible to tune the AFR during cruise to . 8:1 compression ratio AFR 195 heads Victor Jr intake 1 3/4" headers 5-speed 3. A typical small-block Chevy's timing curve needs to be set somewhere in this . Holley's EFI Hyper Spark Ignition system is a … I have a LA mopar with a procharger and a Fitech, buy an MSD distributor and program the timing curve. If you can tune the curve, cutting the whole timing curve by 50% is a good start for smog. When the Nomad fired up and began to spin the rollers, we were able to come away with 311. What should the proper advance curve be? at what initial advance to to final at what RPMs? I will set rev limit to 5500 or 6000RPM. I’m setting the spark map in my FiTech system to replicate a mechanical advance curve and letting the vacuum advance do what it always has, account for the load changes. after I tried with 24-26 initial I changed it back to 20-22 but I changed distributors springs(1 silver light and 1 blue light) to advance the timing curve so the timing was 30-32 at ~1500rpm. In changing this, we have, by virtue of the method by which we express the LCA and the resultant advance/retard of the cam, changed the LCA to 110. Ignition Timing in Low to Mid RPM Range. If you lock it out with "T" at 25 and give 10 with the dial back light , yes it is a total of 35. In regards to timing control from my understanding you would still use the 6AL in conjunction with the fitech. 5:1 is a safe bet, and the FiTech EFI will gradually build up to a richer mixture when the throttle is pressed. This is a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) chart. You can set the timing for 3 situations, WOT, no throttle (map sensor full vacuum) and boost (if you are running turbo, super charger, etc…). Since I am turbocharged, I REALLY need to retard timing under boost and am trying to work with what I have at the moment. B beechkid Registered Joined Feb 6, 2001 4,282 Posts #2 · Nov 24, 2020 Personally, I want all my timing in by about 2500 rpm (for a street vehicle stroker393 Registered. is in place and ready setting up the timing curve / ignition map is easy. I have played with my idle timing I am using a Fitech unit. Finally, engine timing is infinitely important with EFI, and the adjustments you are able to make can really help – or hurt – performance. Better control of your ignition's timing is another benefit of EFI. I’m currently running the Sniper EFI with the distributor to match. Now go to the table in the PCM and subtract 75% of this value from the actual spark advance at each point where spark retard occurred. Ignition timing is even more important with EFI due to the precision that EFI offers for fuel control. Instead of having 36* total timing I had 20*. Get you car running good then switch it over to Fitech timing. Re: New guy here, looking for some turbo ign timing help. I'm well aware that I have a fixed timing curve. Jan 17 2018 · 15:50 UTC | Updated Jan 18 2018 · 09:17 by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read. FITech Fuel Injection GoStreet EFI 400 HP Throttle Body System Master Kit Includes: MSD Ignition Midget DIS-2 Programmable Race Ignition Two Timing Curves. I am running the FiTech and a Procharger on mine. It's a fairly easy install, add the fuel system and save a couple bucks. Just make sure you remember to hook the timing light to the correct wire, if you drilled 6 hook to 6. Total timing is 36 all in at 3000. (BTDC) at 4,000 RPM with the vacuum advance line to the distributor disconnected and plugged. A Time for Boost: The Effect Of Ignition Timing. Start the engine and adjust the initial timing. Simplified Sophistication: Installing FiTech EFI. Then swap to another set and rest timing back and take her for a ride. You will notice that each successive step. I do think my knock sensors pulled more timing out at 168 kPa, because my datalog showed 14° on one run. How could it run any better with the Holley timing control? It seems that most of the posts on this forum, related to. I'm going to use a MSD 6A box and looking at the MSD-8361 dist but it's expensive and probably overkill. PDF Mallory Unilite Advance Curve Kit. If you are running Timing Control, select Ignition. Makes sense I could't go over 5100rpm. A vacuum advance canister provides economy and the proven MSD mechanical advance gives you the opportunity to dial-in a timing curve to fit your needs. Timing And The Distributor Advance Curve Into The Onboard ECU (Computer) Using The . The timing control had nothing to do with my choice. I'm currently rebuilding 396 and don't plan anything too wild, just something to cruise around in. com (951) 340-2624 Free shipping on orders over $100 for Continental US orders! 0 items$0. If you can tune the curve, cutting the whole timing curve by 50% is a . There is an idle stability function to improve idle speed control by quickly advancing when the RPMs drop, and retarding when it jumps too high at idle. Fitech themselves admit that there isn't too much improvement unless you are very knowledgeable with what can be done to timing curves without creating problems or damage to an engine. On the more expensive units you can lock out the dizzy. I made almost 25' of -6 braided stainless hoses with AN fittings. mallory 29014 advance curve change kit amazon com. It uses an ignition module within the distributor to regulate the timing curve as well. Here are the specs: 408W roller block 9. That way, the timing and advance curves are controlled by the distributor, as they were with the carburettor. Each is set at idle, 1,100, 3,000 or 6,000 rpm. How should the timing curve change throught the rpm. So far the unit runs great - have not changed out my distributor to try the timing control. Anton's curve from the EFI fundamentals course suggests a timing advance needs to get low rpm timing largely in by the torque max which starts at 1500 rpm and drops at 2400 rpm with BSFC minimum at 1900 rpm. The FiTech system in general is a bit clunky, software updates often brick ECUs, handhelds go out, the initial setup requires the handheld to be unplugged to avoid battery draw [which will eventually wear out the small connectors], etc. FiTech's Ultimate LS kit comes with a knock sensor control and is custom cam friendly. Hi there, looking for some input on how to set timing on my 360. I'm trying to pick one now for a project and from the FiTech docs (Figure 12) this is an important consideration for the timing control. Included are several timing curves that are each tailored for different camshafts, final drive gearing, and vehicle weight. We do have engines running with as little as five-inches of vacuum at idle, although some additional adjusting of the software is. take me, the e-book will unquestionably impression you further matter to read. You should be able to do a search on zz4 timing and I'm sure someone here has went through this already. Included are several timing curves. FiTech INSTRUCTION MANUAL Ultimate LS Systems. You only want 15-16 mechanical plus your 20 initial for a total of 35-36. Fitech timing control question. FiTech ultímate initial setup FiTech pro tuning FiTech data logging Tune your Fitech Timing Curve. Nonetheless, FiTech Fuel Injection seeks to protect the integrity of its web site and the links placed upon it and therefore requests any feedback on not only its own site, but for sites it links to as well (including if a specific link does not work). The fuel map pretty much did it on its own. The chart allows you to map out an advance curve based on manifold vacuum (much like the vacuum advance on a mechanical distributor). I do not think you need to pull any timing from your run curve . Included are several timing curves that are each tailored for. I just drove from San Francisco to Reno, NV and back. All Go EFI Systems Feature multi-spark ignition during cranking for quicker starting and elimination of potential plug fouling. notes of your current distributor's ignition timing specs/curves beforehand, . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 1, 2016. For wide open throttle, getting the fuel curve down to 12. I must say that the FiTech NEEDS an adjustable rotor! So far the idle has smoothed out nicely, the random misses are almost non existant, and the backfire on decel is almost gone. FiTech (951) 340-2624 fitechefi. basic musclecar ignition system upgrades chevy hardcore. If you want the FiTech to do fan control and ignition timing control, metering rod size, linkage progression, and ignition curve. Looking for general idea of timing for WOT and maybe what cruise would be with vacuum advance so I can set the breaking points for. 6s at 107 but was fighting traction issues and early 1-2 shift in the stock C6. On the smaller FiTech you can not do timing control. The timing control on the FiTech is a nice feature, but not mandatory at all. It was reading right at 30-degrees until I really brought the RPMs up and the timing light showed the timing advancing a few degrees above 4,000 RPM. 3L seems to run much happier without detonation. I think all the players make good systems now. Your cam should make peak power around 6200-6500rpm if the rest of the valvetrain is stable. Beyond that, you attach a coolant temp sensor (included) and a wide-band O2 sensor (included). Timing control is the ability to build a digital timing curve within the handheld tuner. All curves A-T start advancing at 1200rpm and finish at 2000 - 3500 , that way you are not adding over timing as rpm climbs after. For medium cams, try within the range of 18-22 degrees of advance. If using an HEI distributor, set spark timing at 32 degrees before top dead center. I need to adjust the timing curve in my EDIS ignition.